Friday, January 7, 2011

Camels: Dinosaurs of the Present

Camels are oversized, clumsy, crabby old men. They are curmudgeons, grousers, grumps. The dusty beasts are known for spitting, but when I saw them in person I only noticed their roar. Not only do they clomp around like mini-dinosaurs, they yell like dinosaurs as well. I'm serious.

I went to the Middle East two years ago and I got to ride one of these brutes. I quickly learned that they are strong, clunky, bitchy and absolutely lovable. A camel is like that hilarious old grandpa who complains all the time but you love him anyway (he is probably on a sitcom, because that would be much more complicated to deal with in real life I'm sure). A camel could also be compared to a rancid, crusty mechanic who is super helpful, yet crass.You are afraid of him, yet you would never dream of taking your car in to anyone else.

 [This is where I rode a camel: theWadi Rum desert.]

[Others in our group rode them at Petra. Notice the terrifying power.]

They are ugly, yes. Rough around the edges. Puppies are nice and all but ugly animals are more interesting.
Did I mention they have knobby knees? 

Do you still not believe me that camels are modern-day dinos?

[exhibit A]

[exhibit B]

Okay, so I was going to just post this as is, until I realized I own a few funny pictures of me and my complex relationship with the camel species. They aren't on my computer so what follows will be pictures of pictures. Quality.

You may also find that I am a scrapbooking maniac. (Don't tell anyone.)


[Hey, art majors, stop judging me for using stickers. They are fun, I tell you.]

[This time I knew it was coming.]

[Like I said, complex relationship.]

In conclusion, dinosaurs are not extinct. 

p.s. Would you like to see a camel shaped rock? Near Mount Sinai? 

Knew it. 



  1. Oh my god. Camels may scare me a little bit. Just saying.

    I love the picture with you "entranced" on top of the camel. It's my favorite.

  2. Wow I never knew camels sounded like that! I would have been too scared to ride one I think!

    My favorite picture is of you hugging the camel. I think it looks like he is smiling too (notice how I just assume the camel is a he...)

  3. Art majors use stickers? Sweet Lord. Next thing you're going to tell me is that you use coloring books.

  4. Also, the second to last picture looks like you're friendily patting the camel on the head.

  5. Holy crap!!!! They actually make that awful sound??????