Friday, April 2, 2010

Why I am in Love with Charlie Brown

In this post, I will not be proving that I am in love with a fictional character. Rather, I will attempt to prove that the man I love is SIMILAR to a fictional character.

Completely different.

So, this is Charlie:
 [blond boy stands in pumpkin patch]

And this is Brian:

 [Exhibit A, fools!]

 Now, if that picture didn't prove it to you right off the bat, do not worry! There are a CORNUCOPIA of better reasons!  (cough, cough, Even Steven's reference, cough)

1. They both like to fly kites.

  [clearly Charlie is enjoying this]

As for Brian, he created an entire BLOG with the premise of flying his kite in numerous places around Europe. What does that mean?
I win!

[Brian + kite = less than three]

2. They both get their kites stuck in trees. :*(
Care to defend yourself on this one, Charlie?

  [I think not!]

Brian once got his kite stuck  in a tree. It was so far away, the string went through the tree, through another tree, across a power line, across the street, and over a fence to the soccer field we were standing in. 
The power company had to come in special to get it down.
(Reads like a comic if you ask me.)

This is actually the main reason Charlie and Brian are alike.
Because they have both done it multiple times.

 [oh, shit.]

This Tuesday, Brian took his new kite, Mr. Wingsy, out  for a spring-time fly. Wingsy was super excited, bouncin' around in the wind. 
Unfortunately, the poor guy flew too far. Brian tried to reel him in, but he whipped around--like a whip or whipped cream or a whippy-dip hairstyle--and dive bombed into a tree!!

This was not just any tree. It must have been the tallest tree in all of Bethel. 'Twas a wretched, thin pine tree that was pretty much popping clouds and knocking down airplanes. It was that tall.

That was three days ago, and sadly,
Wingsy the kite is still up there.

3. They both have a close friend who is all philosophical and stuff.
Boy! I bet no one else in the world has a friend like that ! Brian is totally CB.

[right: Linus, probably about to quote Plato or something]

 [above:Billy Sveen, philosophy minor and Brian's future roommate, at the onset of dusk.]

4. They both freaking love Christmas.
Charlie even visits us in a Christmas special each year, come on!

[Charlie and friends, friggin' adoring Christmas]

Brian has a Christmas CD!!

[but has he ever worn Santa antlers to prove his Xmas love? GUILTY!]

5. Both have weird dogs that, for some strange reason, enjoy dressing up.

 [case in point! no sane being dresses up for Thanksgiving!]

[THREE pairs of antlers! Even Brian only wore one!]

6. Not only do they have weird dressing-up dogs, they both LOVE their dogs. Aww!

 [just hanging out in the yard, ^_^ oh boy]

Once again, Charlie, you are not alone.

[just hanging out (in a tent) in the yard. Cute, right?]

Maggie, Snoopy, their names practically rhyme. 

7. They both won Bethel Idol. 
 First of all, Brian won Bethel Idol this year.
Second of all...
[Hmm... fancy hat, the adoration of his peers, music notes... yep, Charlie Brown won Bethel Idol. Must have been last year.]

8. Both are "macho" but they don't know it.
[does this even need a caption?]

[once again, no caption is worthy]

10. Who says I need ten reasons? I think nine is a nice number! (Suck it, metric system.)

The end!

P.S. Some may think Brian is more like Schroeder just because his last name is Schroeder and he has a similar hairstyle and plays piano.
Hopefully said people will come realize the error of their ways. 


  1. Oh my! How come I never saw this similarity before! You are SO right! Brilliant, Christie! Simply brilliant!

    Oh and thanks for the laughs!!! That was freakin' hilarious!!!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Christie!!!!

  2. This is too much hilarious for one blog.

  3. Hey, that's me!

    I appreciate the comparison, given that I think of Charlie Brown as a misunderstood, troubled, philosopher character. But that's what I think of myself anyway, so it's cool.