Friday, March 19, 2010

The Reason I Suddenly Look 1,000 Times Hotter

["why, hello, bonjour"]

Is it not completely obvious from the above picture? Come on, you really can't tell? One more guess? No.

My glasses aren't crooked anymore!!!!! 
[symmetrical perfection]

See, these are the very same glasses that came twisted like DNA to my lowly Bethel P.O. box. They were initially made wearable by a series of visits to Walmart Vision Center. The final one involved probably 10 tries getting it right and ended when the woman told me that my ears were crooked. Oh, and probably my eyes and eyebrows too.
Well, SUCK IT, Walmart lady!! The fancy-smancy lady at the eye doctor fixed these babies in a single try

p.s. If you guessed that the reason I look hotter was because I spent all day reading about mathematics in the Renaissance (and thoroughly adoring it), you can have partial credit. 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally, Right

I am back. Sorry guys.
So what have I been up to, you ask?
  • quitting my janitor job (that would be job #4) after this week, when I stupidly agreed to a bunch of hours to make extra money
  • appointments galore! molar removal consult, doctor (diagnosed with a tonsil lithe.... hm), eye doctor, chiropractor, chiropractor, clearly far too many.
  • hanging out with Fraser the puppy
 [this boy is hard to get a picture of!]

[okay, kind of.]

[then he got all interested in what the camera smelled like. WTF.]
  • opening my rather massive, heavy bag of scrapbooking things for project India
  • breathing in the toxic fumes of wood stain/varnish constantly (at work and home)
  • working! That was a dumb idea.
  • You know what I should be doing though? GOING OUTSIDE!
Here are some pictures I've taken since I last blogged. Don't worry, this won't take long.

Decided I wanted to paint some icicles and started photographing them on a random car. Just as I was finishing up, a guy was walking the opposite way on the path, giving me the strangest look. I ignored him and started walking away, then realized it was his car. 

[don't steal a car until you count its icicles]

Brian and I took a walk on the lake while it was warm but still snowy. 
 ["bye snow, I will only kind of sort of miss you."]

[these were on the side of a school building, no one gets hurt]

[I totes tried to paint this, but the sun didn't work out the same]

NOW too go outside! Well... after I eat :]

Friday, March 5, 2010


The snow is melting! And I'm busy trying to paint it. Whoops, wrong topic, eh? I hope to show you some pictures soon!!
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