Friday, December 18, 2009

What's Inside a Pokeball? and Other Life-or-Death Questions

Now that the end of the semester is nigh you will be hearing a lot more from me! SERIOUSLY!
Come on! Alright, you don't believe me, but I shall prove you wrong, oh yes, oh yes (today I noticed that a word composed of "yes"es starts to look like eyes. Observe: yesyesyesyesyes! Told you.)

Now, my thesis for this blog is that I will answer these questions:
  1. What does the inside of a pokeball look like, Christie?
  2. Have you figured out how to work the damn special effects on your webcam yet?
All in good time, readers. All in good time.

So, question 1. First of all, REMEMBER POKEMON?!?!
You know, that cool show/GameBoy game/card game/toy line/every product a parent could buy? Ash Ketchum was trying to catch all of the "pocket monsters" who were cute... yet FIERCE... and they were stored in red and white ball that he threw when he wanted them to fight for him and every pokemon could talk but it could only say its own name?

[yeah, that one.]

Now, look closely at what Ash (the human) is holding in his right hand. A pokeball! That's where these little monsters live most of the time. But, what the devil is in there!?

Thanks to a recent art project, I now have the answer for all you lovely people:

[me, pikachu & the gang]

[a little bitty house]

[other pokemon prefer a whole city]

[bee boop bop. technology]

[head about to explode with new knowledge? don't worry, only one left!]

[no way no way no way!]

Sorry for the crappy quality, people!

But at least NOW YOU KNOW.


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