Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is my one hundredth post! Now, drop the urge to start lecturing me on how this-would-have-happened-a-long-time-ago-if-you'd-just-apply-yourself-and-spend-more-time-on-the-internet-and-less-studying, and just enjoy it!

My initial idea was to do ten top tens of images from my blog's past, but that seemed too... predictable. Instead I will do eight top somethings. Well, maybe I will split that into two posts so you don't get bored.

Without further ado...

The Top 7 Best Winks

7. Winks are just plain nerdy when you are reading.

 That book was about art history too, I think that makes it even worse.

6. Accidental wink

So kill me, it was really sunny out!

5. The stray bang wink

May I deem the stray chunk from my bangs a "bang"? I do this a lot. And for all my (someday?) international readers, I'm talking about "fringe."

4. The wink that arises when you can't smile (REENACTMENT)

Damn, that's sexy.

3. Winking with GUNS

And horns for that matter. This is a pretty quality wink. As you can see, folks, the man has committed his entire body to the wink, even if he is a tad crazy about Christmas.

2. Winking with headgear

Wow, Brian, another classic move. When my photography teacher saw this one, he said it was one of his favorites because you looked so "coy." 

Drumroll... (yes, of course there is going to be a drumroll before every one! And I want to see you slapping your knees before you read them.)
1. My specialty: unflattering winks

Read 'em and weep! No wink can top this one in jankiness!

What's next? I suppose, since this is an omellette related blog and all, we should go with:

The Top 4 Eggs

 4. Classic egg(s)

 Aww, this is from one of my first posts, that's why it's so itty-bitty. And what a gorgeous picture of those white domes, courtesy the artist.

3. Decorative egg

In Middle School we had "Exploratory Day" and I signed up for a class on how to make these decorative eggs. It is a complex process involving crayons and knowing which color is darkest. Needless to say, I did not make this particular egg.

2. Not sure why my family owns this egg nicknack.

Don't you wish nicknack was spelled knicknack?

1. The most eggciting egg. (What did you eggspect in an egg countdown?)


Okay, so maybe I was a little desperate when choosing these countdowns. I was trying to be creative or something! You know, out of the box...
But that leads to my next countdown of course. 'Twas a planned insecure rambling.

The Top 9 Faces of Desperation 

 9. Apparent unibrow desperation

Otherwise known as very little chin desperation.

8. Costume desperation

In the next few minutes you will find that this particular type of desperation is widespread among animals, human-animals, and human-foods alike. Costumes just aren't as fun as one would think.

7. Costume desperation is real, everyone!

It was very cold, I had nothing else to wear.

6. Indecisive desperation

  After all, what's a wee girl like myself standing in front of an eagle picture supposed to do?

5. I'm too old for this desperation

Not even dalmatians could cheer me up at this party.

4. An extraordinary case of costume desperation

3. Clenched neck desperation

2. Zoomed in desperation

The bulging eye is what brings this face up to number two. It's not your typical bulging eye but a prime example where the eye we see to our right bulges just a bit more than the left. Actors: study this.

1. You're taking another picture? desperation and outdated glasses desperation

This one is an instant classic. I think the jumper makes it all the more successful. Winner! Mom, I would totally link to your blog right now if you had one.

I know you are all anxious for one more countdown. Put on your reading glasses for this next one. There will be some fine print, if you know what I mean.

The Top 10 Glasses

First eggs and now glasses?! I know, right? That's just how it is around here, the party never ever stops.

10. Harry Potter, beloved

Hoodwinked again! I know you all thought I would put Harry at number one, but as the first movie is not very good, you were WRONG.


9. Anthropology professor glasses

Not bad, Harley, not bad.

8. Reflective glasses worn by sweaty people

This blurry, shiny, unflattering thing was taken on a rickshaw in India. How can it not be number 8?

7. Smart glasses

Without these extra large peepers, I'd be nothing next to the wise owl. Instead, I stare him down like it's nothing! And for 19.95, these brilliant-makers can be yours too.

6. Justine glasses

Justine eating quesadilas beats most glasses pictures.

5. Creative glasses

Doesn't the phrase "turn that frown upside down" mean anything these days? Artists: study this, you are expected to dress up for gallery openings.

4. Puns

It's just juice, stop freaking out.

3. Anime glasses

... in the cornfield!

2. Really hip glasses

I will also accept "cool" and "rad."

1. Cutest glasses-wearer ever (sorry, Brian)

There's more where this came from! So I hope you liked it! Comment? Follow? Plus one? (Whatever that is.)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Case You Didn't Know

[Prague, Czech Republic]
I'm going here! All of fall semester. Yahooo! Damn it, because of a certain website that sounded like advertising and it was supposed to sound like joy.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


My sad, sad absence from the blog world is finally over!

I am working with Bethel's gallery again this summer. An artist named Sandra Ceas showed there. She makes these little porcelain Blessing Doves that she prays over and leaves all around the world as unexpected gifts for people. No note is left or anything, just a smooth white dove.

I got to leave one, so I went to a bridge near where I grew up in St. Michael.

My thoughts were that maybe a child who played by there now would find it, because I totally played there. When you live in a suburb, small bridges are exciting.

I shoved the dove above my tire with love... just kidding... I put the dove and my camera into my bike basket and biked back and forth suspiciously until people left so I could put the dove there without anyone seeing.

It is supposed to be a surprise, after all.

There was no question in those stroller-pushers' minds... These packages were holding drugs.

Eventually, the people walked past and I put the little guy by the bridge. 

On the way home I found ANOTHER baby turtle! Just a little quarter's worth of a turtle! 

I decided to "rescue" him by leading him closer to a little stream. Turtles want water, right? Right? So I delicately placed him in my basket and cranked the pedals as slowly as I could while still keeping the bike straight. I was amazed at my brilliance, until the little guy tried to jump out of the basket. This was bad, I thought, as I poked him away from his unintended suicide. This light poke made the basket fall off the bike! Lucky my turtle had a shell. I walked him to the stream area, after scarring him forever, I'm sure. 

The unknowing victim.

Hope to see you more often this summer :).