Monday, September 14, 2009

The Hair Above Your Lip

Fun fact: I adore telling stories. Weaving tales, if you will.

This would explain why I write of random chapters from the past when I have nothing cool to blog about. ;)


My family and neighbors (some are now "ex-neighbors") have gone camping since I was a young kid. Probably 5 core families, but sometimes groups as big as 7 or 8 and their children--which is who I always hung out with.

Now we're older, and it's not the same carefree, imaginative fun we had when we were wee, but we make it work. Like two summers ago, when there was free face painting for kids. And we waited in line just to tell the woman to paint mustaches on our faces.

[Lauren sports the curly Salvador Dali-type stache]

[Leah with the Hitler-soul patch combo]

[young Kyle Highberg displays a lovely unibrow]

[Marina's was definitely my favorite. a crowd pleaser, if you will]

[of course, I was last in line and got the leftovers--the dreaded Hulk Hogan stache]

["come here kids."]

How creepy was I! This is why I thought you would eat this story up. And we had mustaches all day, which made us feel hilarious.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Fuzzy Aquintance

This year I live as far away from the class buildings as an on-campus student can possible live. It's only a ten-minute walk, but we wimps have a shuttle, just in case.

Since fall is my favorite season ever ever EVER, I have refused to employ the shuttle on my trips to class, even when I am late or carrying extra things. I ride my bike.

[my Lover and me]

I love riding my bike! It is the most wondrous form of exercise! I adore going down hills with my hands in the air and dinging my bell and going fast enough to generate wind and smelling the fresh air!

Yesterday, on the way to class, I came across a furry little mouse (mole?). I'm not sure if he was friendly, excessively brave, or drugged, but he crawled right up to my foot!

[nice to meet YOU]

After that he (she?) preceded to walk in circles in the middle of the road.
Despite being practically late for class, I tried to save the little mousey-wousey by scaring him back into the safe trees. He just kept circling.

Eventually, I had to give up and say a little prayer for him... off to painting class.
There is still no carcass on that section of road :).

Last night, I had a strangely vague dream where my roommate Justine and I were in a biology class dissecting those same mice and one of them escaped.

Well, save the mice!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Pass the Relish

[one of my all-time favorite photos of myself]

Did this get your attention, loyal readers? Did it? Well, that is precisely what I was going for. I had nothing cool, rad, or funky to blog about from this week (beginning of school, blah blah blah) so I decided to tell a random story from the past! The finale ends with me sporting a hotdog suit in public! Oh joy :).

Have you ever shopped on BLACK FRIDAY? I did once.
It was not for hardcore, push pregnant ladies and babies out of the way and trample elders to the floor to get the deals, Black Friday shopping, but mostly just to browse and visit some friends pulling all nighters.
It was my sister (Marina), our friend Alyssa, and me.

[this is them, respectively.]

Little did we know it would take at least an hour to make the usually 15 minute drive to the mall. Or that because of the crowds and bad traffic we would have to park in an overflow lot and walk through the pre-winter cold to the stores.

Once we had finally unearthed a parking space, Marina and Alyssa started to complain about the cold and their lack of jackets. We looked in the trunk to see if my brother had left a sweatshirt or something.

Jumper cables, a window scraper, and his Halloween costume--a hotdog suit.

That was when it hit us like a semi-truck trying to avoid a car making an illegal U-turn on the freeway.

Somebody is going to have to wear that hotdog suit.

As you can see, someone did.

[hungry yet?]

It was crowded. People were shopping and dropping and shouting and staring. Nearly every store had an endless line. But I must say it is a lot of fun to play the role of attention hungry teenagers in a crowded place. You just keep giggling because you have your own inside joke that everyone else has to look at but is only truly funny to you and your friends. Great times indeed. \
[would you like some mustard on those sales?]

[despite my apparent chagrin, I was lovin' it]

I would recommend to all of you to go out dressed up like some sort of unhealthy food or awkward phallic shape in public.

And I leave you, once again, with this. (Mostly because I accidentally uploaded it twice, but also because I want you to ponder it, let it ruminate and stew, and make sure you hear all of the 1,000 words it is trying to say to you.)


yours truly,/sincerely,/signed,


p.s. I learned that sausage (a.k.a. pre-industrial age hot dog) may have been mentioned briefly in Homer's Odyssey. However, if we are to believe legend instead, then the sausage/pre-historic hot dog was not invented until about 64 A.D. So Jesus never tasted sausage.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snapshots of Our New Dorm-O-Rama

[most adorable wallpaper on the planet]

[our roomie Ms. Butterworth posing in front of our very own stove! (we even had pancakes for breakfast on Monday) ]

[the green paint on the bedroom doorknob begs the question: were the previous dormers artists or vandals? you decide.]

[strange peephole between rooms.]

[knockers are rad!]

[brand-new awesome fancy fridge magnets]

[upper-class adult dishware. it's glass-- oh so mature!]

[awww, Justine's mom's mom gave the little decoration on the right to her when she first moved out! the one on the left is from a dollar store.]

[illuminating deals near you.]

So now that I have homework and work, I may not be able to post quite as often, but rain or shine, I WILL post, so bear with me!!