Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday is for Parties

Hello, Bonjour, Salam Alakum, everybody!

[this is me saying, "hello"]

Look, this Saturday night, I have discovered how to take pictures with my webcam! What awesomeness, you may say! Well, I would humbly reply, thank you and good night.

Ahh, I was just hankering to write a post really, and my lack of camera becomes more and more painful the closer I get to December (aka The Golden Month of the Shiny New Camera). So this is my temporary solution.

Though, I swear Marina knows how to take much cooler webcam pictures where you can make crazy backgrounds and everything.

[the intangable feeling that something is missing]

Marina? Marina?! Are you reading this?? I'm getting anxious here! ! ! ! !

[the face of desperation]

Otherwise, I'd have to resort to my own special effects.... think of how the world would suffer if that happened every week...

[effect: turns subject into Angel of Peace]

[effect: subject appears to be playing in a blue forest]

[effect: subject at a party on Saturday night]

See, Marina?
Well, at least the webcam is fun for me now. I can offer more pictures for all of youuu!

Catch you later, reader-bo-beaders.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Can You Tell Me How to Get....?

... How to Get to Sesame Street?

Yes, that's right, it's the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street! (Heh, thanks Google.)
I LOVE Sesame Street so today instead of writing a paper, I applied colored wax to paper in honor of it all.

[I'm the one in the yellow sweater]

Aka I, Christine L. Roberts the 20 year old, own and use a Sesame Street coloring book. Yes'm, you heard me. AND i AM NOT ASHAMED!  :D So there.

My Sesame Street obsession was birthed when I bought my best friend Shelby a stuffed Bert for 75 cents at a thrift store and we decided at random that I was like Ernie and she was like Bert.

Through the months and years it grew and matured, and we both accumulated more Sesame Street jokes, stories, and belongings.

[see? she even has red on her... Bert's nose, anyone?]

Why, you ask? Well let me put it this way...
  • Ernie has a round face and Bert has an oval one.
  • Ernie is always joking around while Bert is more cynical.
  • They are just really good friends, but some people might wrongly perceive them as gay.
  • They are still friends, even when they become way older adults.
  • Ernie is short; Bert is tall.
  • Ernie is immature but Bert is responsible.
Aww, hooray for Sesame Street! I could go on further, but I don't want to bore you or anything!

So I will leave you with this extremely creepy attempt at dressing up as Bert and Ernie for Halloween. I don't know these people, but Shelby found this on a random Google search last year.

[bffs <3]

See you later, alligators!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today is the first Official Day of November in ChristieWorld. Why, you ask?

Well today is the day I colored my calendar, of course!
(Pssh, I can't believe you didn't know!)
See, my wonderful mother presents me with a shiny new calendar every Christmas, and last year she decided to get me a color-it-all-by-yourself version. Party.

Anyway, voila novel November!

[could anyone really say no to colorful, happy monsters?]

Look closely (hopefully the picture is good enough) and you will see that people I know/live with are in there! What! Ca-ra-ZAY!

Don't believe me? Don't see the resemblence?
So be it. I'll walk you through, meek-minded ones!

1. Royal the peacock (of Justine's humble farm)

[free as a bird]

Yeah, yeah, so the creators might have wanted me to color a turkey. TOO BAD, SUCKERS! ! !

I mean, come ON, look at the resemblence! Uncanny!
(Just imagine him opening his feathers... something that only happens on the Springborn farm when he flirts with the chickens in the spring.)

[the ever-elusive one]

2. Billy the Black-Wearer

[as he tries to catch Royal, who just ran past the letter "r"]

What can we learn from my depiction of Billy? Billy LOVES metal!!
\m/ (That's a hand making a "rock on" sign for all you parents.)

But, wait a second, Christie! How do we know this is true?
Take a gander (or peacock) at this extremely metal to the core photo:

[Billy is the one on the right]

Told you !! (See "rock on" signs, sweat, black shirt, and angsty facial expression.)

3. Justine the Chow-Mein Lover

[so happy and polka-dotted]

Aww, Justine, the best cook of the group is serving her two most-cooked foods: chow mein and pepperonis and cheese with crackers! Precious!

And lookie here, Justine really does enjoy chow mein!!

[Springborn, center, simply loving chow mein and nothing more]

4. Christie/Me, the One with Three Eyes

[fun fact: blue is my favorite color]

WOAH! Is that a photo or a colored in calendar?! Can you even tell?
Here's a hint:

[real me = the one wearing green]

I don't think any words need to be said here. Well, okay, notice how we both have orange wavy arms, and sit on picnic benches occationally.

5. Brian, the Tall Hungry Fellow

[sometimes I lend him one of my eyes]

Here are the four primary things that describe Brian:
  1. tall
  2. favorite color = green
  3. adores eating
  4. likes to check out Christie
Now, which of these is represented in the picture? Yes, E: All of the above!!

[being tall and favoring green... 50% of his personality]

6. Ashley, the New Roommate

[yes, her tail is that pointy in real life]

Ashley likes pink and smiles a lot. She's a fantastic new addition to our dorm.


I rest my case.

7. Jibs, Jibs, Beloved Pet

[no offense Jib-ster, but I kind of wish you were a real dog]

All the same colors and just as loyal!

[he's the big fat scary one]

Boy, oh boy, will he be excited when he finds out he made the blog again (see previous entry for better picture)!!


Did you like my fun story where I simplified all of my friends into a few marker-drawn traits?

p.s. Novem-Blog relevant button:

["have a harvest of happiness"... alliteration, you are trully a gift]

p.p.s. Novem-Blog relevant vampire:

[hey, Edward... still waiting]