Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tiny Banana

One day I found the tiniest banana in the entire world. It was not one of those other breeds that is meant to be mini, nor was it a plantain. It was a tiny banana.

I couldn't bear to eat it because it was just so darn cute. When I held it in my hand, I started to think about how cute it was and I would tell random people about it. They all agreed it was very small.

After my philosophy class, I was the last student out (a common trend with me for some reason). The teacher started to talk about series theories and their implications for the philosophies of love and sex. His name is Dan Yim and he is a hip, genius professor with a streak of blonde in his dark hair and plastic black framed glasses. Despite his youth, the insane amounts of knowledge that flow from his mouth make him intimidating sometimes. I didn't know how to answer his philosophical questions so I changed the subject and showed him the teeniest banana in the entire world.

To my surprise, he was very excited and took out his cell phone to photograph it. After class, he emailed me the photos.

As you may have noticed, the entire situation was a tad awkward, but in a good way. Next he decided a close-up was necessary.

Now, the more I look at these pictures, the more I realize a problem: they do not illustrate the true tininess of the banana. You see, when you feel the banana's immense fragility and thinness and when you see it in three dimensional space, there are no doubts about whether it is the tiniest or not. Since we cannot do that on this blog, and because I probably have smaller hands than you, I have created a diagram displaying how small tiny banana feels.

This is how you should remember tiny banana.

Eventually, I did eat tiny banana. In about three bites.


  1. Wow, I really need to start carrying around tiny bananas to talk about when I don't have the answers to questions. And you're right, those pictures don't illustrate how ridiculously tiny that banana was.

  2. Yeah....we also have to take into consideration that fact that Christie isn't exactly a huge person.

    Dan Yim is super smart and intimidating, as well as the most attractive professor at Bethel.

  3. YES. I will carry a tiny banana to job interviews from now on.

    Also, you are so right JennaRose, though I'd never thought about it before.