Saturday, June 4, 2011


My sad, sad absence from the blog world is finally over!

I am working with Bethel's gallery again this summer. An artist named Sandra Ceas showed there. She makes these little porcelain Blessing Doves that she prays over and leaves all around the world as unexpected gifts for people. No note is left or anything, just a smooth white dove.

I got to leave one, so I went to a bridge near where I grew up in St. Michael.

My thoughts were that maybe a child who played by there now would find it, because I totally played there. When you live in a suburb, small bridges are exciting.

I shoved the dove above my tire with love... just kidding... I put the dove and my camera into my bike basket and biked back and forth suspiciously until people left so I could put the dove there without anyone seeing.

It is supposed to be a surprise, after all.

There was no question in those stroller-pushers' minds... These packages were holding drugs.

Eventually, the people walked past and I put the little guy by the bridge. 

On the way home I found ANOTHER baby turtle! Just a little quarter's worth of a turtle! 

I decided to "rescue" him by leading him closer to a little stream. Turtles want water, right? Right? So I delicately placed him in my basket and cranked the pedals as slowly as I could while still keeping the bike straight. I was amazed at my brilliance, until the little guy tried to jump out of the basket. This was bad, I thought, as I poked him away from his unintended suicide. This light poke made the basket fall off the bike! Lucky my turtle had a shell. I walked him to the stream area, after scarring him forever, I'm sure. 

The unknowing victim.

Hope to see you more often this summer :).


  1. Aw, how great! I haven't decided where to put my dove yet. You picked a nice spot, though.


  2. Today if I walk there I will look to see if it has been taken :) It would be fun to see someone find it.

  3. I love that you put the dove in a place that you used to play as a child! I hope a little kid who hasn't mastered the art of smiling for the camera finds it! :-)

  4. How do you find so many cute tiny things?! Cute banana, cute turtle....slightly jealous...

  5. I am a cute tiny things magnet.