Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Most Photogenic City I've Ever Met

Český Krumlov (CHESS-key KROOM-love), a city of castles and red roofs. Get ready for photo-overload because all my pictures of this locale were inexplicably good.

First of all, it is time to hand out the Most Adorable Hotel Room Award. Note that I don't usually waste my time with hotel pictures.

Like I always say, "You know it's a good hotel if there's a violin (viola??) on the wall."

They also had mini sculptures on their staircase.

[so I exaggerated on the "ALL my pictures were good" thing...]

On the first full day, Aidan and I decided to explore the ol' fairy-land. The place was beautiful, albeit a tad touristy. To my surprise, not a single person in our group complained about that. I believe it was because our regional stays were draining. Enjoyable, but definitely draining. We needed a cheery, touristy break.

Is that not what I just said? Gorgeous, yet the peasant clothes are clearly worn by people in the tourism business. I delicately framed it so that the car on the left would add a hint of irony. I have a very complex relationship with technology.

(Just kidding)

Here is Aidan, looking out upon the town. 

[Probably pondering the meaning of life or something.]

And a widdle biddle wiver! Ano, prosim! ("Yes, please!")

Even the stupid wall we were near was pretty.

 Plus I got to tour the tourists. 

Next we found a photogenic church. Sexy, even. (Am I allowed to say that?)

[I call zees one "Yin and zee Yang"]

WAIT a second!

Panoramic Interlude!

Then we saw another pretty building and another pretty building and a pretty wall...

['Tis a town of many pretty walls.]

Soon enough, our group--


--got together and went on a tour of the town's massive castle. It is the second biggest in the country only because it was illegal for this aristocrat to build it bigger than the king's palace.

["You may recognize me from other pics. I'm kind of a big deal."]

The outside walls have been painted on; it was totally vogue at the time.


I saw this in other nooks and crannies in the Krumlov...

Oh and speaking of bears!

There were bears living in the moat! No lions or tigers, but still

An apparently this stemmed from a tradition that was hundreds of years old. When we were inside the castle, nearly every room was furnished with a bear-skin rug.

Sadly, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside. Let me appease you with these pictures of a fountain from the "front yard" instead.

So that was pretty. WAIT a second. This just in! I illegally took a single picture of a room from inside the castle. 'Twas the Baroque theater that is still in use today.

[The fancy columns are hand-painted on wood, there are other flat painted props and sound-effect makers too.]

This Baroque theater is rare because the directors during that time loved to incorporate fireworks into the show. This practice typically led to fires. 
Outside the castle was yet another photo-magic-calendar-worthy view.

[peep hole!]

The last bit of the castle tour was a walk through one of those castle gardens. You know, the ones that are almost too perfect and geometrically stable? Still pretty, but I like my gardens a bit more wild. 

That night, we went to a restaurant that served traditional Roma (or Gypsy) food. They played music too. 

[Joe and Claire featured in: the least blurry picture I have due to my stubborn avoidance of the flash setting.]

That is all for today, my fine-feathered readers. 



  1. I enjoyed these photos! Why didn't you take a picture of your food from the gypsy restaurant? What kind of food do they serve there anyways? I also like that building with the fake bricks on it, I may take my time to send them and email.
    PS - It's kind of funny I have got your two post cards but none that Ilia has sent me and she is in the same region...well Spain. But still.
    Anyways, see you soon <3

    - Mar.

  2. Great photos! What a beautiful little town! Definitely LOVE the last picture! :-)


  3. This is one of those things that make me shamefully go look for plane tickets to Europe. So pretty! That gypsy restaurant? I NEED TO GO THERE.

    Those painted walls are horrible and awesome.

    Miss you.

  4. NO! You're right, I should have taken a photo of the gypsy restaurant's food! It was good but not very pretty. Gulash and dumplings, and gulash is yummy but it looks like brown soup on a plate :).

    Brian, do come to Europe. It's not shameful! Heh, heh.