Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Cutest Village in Slovakia

After Krakow, we clamored into our personal travel bus with the grumpy driver and made our way through the mountains to Černy Balog, a village in Slovakia. I’m going to have to split this town into multiple posts because a small non-profit group showed us around and pumped our days full of activities.

Get ready to be jealous as I show you the cabin-mansion, mountainous, fresh-air haven where we stayed. 

 [View through the window]

Like Rehlovice, we were welcomed with shots of some flavored vodka, or maybe the herbal hard liquor Becharovka, who can remember. The shots kept flowing in Slovakia: we awoke to early morning liquor at a kind old couple’s house. 

[It must be a painful life for those who are less artsy than myself...]

We had one when we arrived, one in the middle, and another before leaving, but who can remember.

This couple was adorable though. They showed us traditional Slovakian dress, food, music (involving an accordion, the instrument of angels), and weaving.

Oh yes, and dancing. The first involunteer was myself, but others followed. Let me tell you, this woman was ridiculously strong. Some of you readers may know that I can’t dance; I hardly did anything in this traditional Slovakian partnership but we were spinning at 20 miles per hour (sorry, kilometers) and stepping across the whole kitchen. I basically just held on and hoped I wouldn’t be flung into the traditional bread with lard and bacon on it (surprisingly better tasting than it sounds). 

 [And next was Naomi]

By the way, this house was adorable. (I would use a stronger word there if I could think of one.)

 [And this was in some sort of gazebo thing, furthering the adorableness to new levels]

So now you probably want to know about our third round of shots:

[Perhaps I didn't make it clear to the subjects that a photo was taking place]

The day was far from over. More fresh air and obviously more shots awaited us at the next farm.

To be continued…


  1. Did you see a Mr. Nyberg there?

  2. Hahaha! That is so cute. I love this tradition of shots :) and I would have loved to see you dance! Can't wait to see more...