Friday, February 12, 2010

Homeward Bound

January 22nd-ish
Extreme Binge Traveling

Yep. We drove. We waited in lines. Finally we got to the first flight. 10 and a half hours, it was. For some reason going west always takes longer, I think it has to do with the turning of the earth.
It wasn’t so bad, I slept most of the time.
Not that sleeping on a plane is fun, but it went by fast at least.

About 70% sure these pretty pictures of Brussels were taken during landing (as opposed to take-off)



[whoops, didn't realize how low quality this here one is]

Then we were in Europe. Brussels, Belgium. So close, yet so far.
We all bought expensive chocolate and pigged out.
The next flight was 8 hours.
Rachel and I (eternal seat buddies) decided it would be fun to watch a movie at the same time! First we watched The Time Traveler’s Wife—good and sad. Next we watched The Informant! which was pretty lame.
It had only been 4 or 5 hours and we were bored!
We played two truths and a lie and Golf (the card game) and ate yucky airline meals. Eventually, we arrived. That pilot was a crazy driver though, the landing was so fast and bumpy I actually felt sick.

 [New Yoiwk! I adore accents]

Yes, America, USA, red white blue!! We got lucky and customs was quick. During our 5 hour layover, we all excitedly pulled out our cell phones.
Harley gave us $20 for dinner and I got delicious Bdubs! My stomach was not as ready for it as my mouth, unfortunately.
Then there was another 3 hour flight. It felt like 2 or 3 am to us so everyone slept. Hardcore. There was a bit of drool on my neckrest thing.

FINALLY after hours of travel we arrived! Brian picked me up and we got to go home and SLEEP :D

I slept for days.

The end. (of my trip)


  1. And what an amazing trip it was! Can you somehow save this blog for all eternity? Someday you could show your children (or grandchildren!)

    So much traveling-uggghhh! As you may know, I am not a good traveler. I am so glad you were able to sleep on the plane even if it meant a little drool on my travel pillow! Maybe I will just pass it down to you (jk!)
    I do not sleep well on airplanes because of my snoring :\

    I really don't like hearing the words "landing the plane" with "crazy driver"! Scary...

    As far as pigging out on Buffalo Wild Wings when you got back, would you (will you?) do anything different next time or was it worth it??

    It was a great trip Christie and I am so glad I got to 'go' on it with you in cyberspace!!

  2. I think I will print the words and put them with the pictures when I scrapbook :).
    Also, the blog will be here as long as Google Blogger is here, yay!

    Um, maybe I would order less and eat slower when it comes to the Bdubs situation. It was, however, the best restaurant (by far) in that section of the airport. So in a way, I had no choice.

    Yay! I thought it was fun too!

  3. I loved hearing about your trip! I'm so happy you blogged about it. You had some great photos and I love your writing. You made me laugh every time. You and your bit of drool on your neck rest crack me up! I'm so glad you're home safe and sound!