Friday, February 19, 2010

Lame Linternet Love

Isn't alliteration the best ever, even when you have to make up words? (I think so too!)
So, it must be time to unveil my LOL bag of cats. Not LOLCatz, the application you can put on Facebook, but my LOL bag of cats!

[It appears the only appropriate caption is "Meow."]

I'm so sorry guys, when I look at this on my desktop, all of the animals blink and the LOL changes colors all psychedelically! GAh! So much better.
Still, how great are the awkward wiener mouse, the rainbow LOL, the straightfaced cats? In a bag. That says LOL. So odd. It makes me happy at any time.
(This was an attachment in a forward my mom sent me long ago.)

Today I thought it would be fun to find other cheesy pictures on PhotoBucket! Yay, right?

Did any of you guys every (nerdily) collect pictures for MySpace? Or for the bonus of looking cool and artsy to all your fellow middle school friends?
This is the type I mean:

[Seriously. I ate shit like this UP.]

Aww, thanks BrokenSkyLostSun for posting this! My email used to be totally_cute_flirt. Then it was kiwiswirl07. So0o0o KEWL!

Or here's another I would have TOTES saved to my computer (I mean probably, how can one know for sure? Really, how can one know anything for sure? Perhaps it is all a trick of the mind. Perhaps we are the dreams of a sleeping computer.)

["I Robot Robots"]

TRUE love is when your word for "love" becomes the thing you love. (I Brian you, Brian. You're welcome.)

You might not think I could find any better pictures.
But I so did.

[sprinkle sparkle]

This one was posted by badbtch. What a cool girl, eh? The classic MySpace Mirror Picture taken to the next level, with colorful swirls and GLITTER. (Next two levels?)

The next one is like those shirts you find in gift shops up north. But better.

[moon luv]

It has wolves, friendship, an inspiring quote, AND glitter!! What more could a girl ask for? :]
Plus, the asterisk really adds some mystery. Who knows what kind of footnote this wolf-lover might share with us?!

Anyway, goodbye for now! 

p.s. Another thing that makes me happy at any time. 

If you've seen it before, you should probably watch it again.


  1. Christie my favorite utube video band!! Here I thought you thought I was a nerd when I showed it to you!
    Those pictures are so funny. Young girls can be very creative in a glittery kind of way!

  2. hahha that was us with loving those pictures. hahaha.