Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally, Right

I am back. Sorry guys.
So what have I been up to, you ask?
  • quitting my janitor job (that would be job #4) after this week, when I stupidly agreed to a bunch of hours to make extra money
  • appointments galore! molar removal consult, doctor (diagnosed with a tonsil lithe.... hm), eye doctor, chiropractor, chiropractor, clearly far too many.
  • hanging out with Fraser the puppy
 [this boy is hard to get a picture of!]

[okay, kind of.]

[then he got all interested in what the camera smelled like. WTF.]
  • opening my rather massive, heavy bag of scrapbooking things for project India
  • breathing in the toxic fumes of wood stain/varnish constantly (at work and home)
  • working! That was a dumb idea.
  • You know what I should be doing though? GOING OUTSIDE!
Here are some pictures I've taken since I last blogged. Don't worry, this won't take long.

Decided I wanted to paint some icicles and started photographing them on a random car. Just as I was finishing up, a guy was walking the opposite way on the path, giving me the strangest look. I ignored him and started walking away, then realized it was his car. 

[don't steal a car until you count its icicles]

Brian and I took a walk on the lake while it was warm but still snowy. 
 ["bye snow, I will only kind of sort of miss you."]

[these were on the side of a school building, no one gets hurt]

[I totes tried to paint this, but the sun didn't work out the same]

NOW too go outside! Well... after I eat :]

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