Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Climbing Trees = Not Boring!

You may think I am too old for this...
Well, then again, you read my blog, so you probably don't!

Spring is now in the air and this opens up oodles of new activities for Brian and me. We have already painted, flew kites, lost a kite, gained a kite (more on that later!), biked, and....
("Drumroll please," a motivational speaker would say here.)

[you might just know what this is!]

Climbing trees is fun because:
  • You are up high.
  • You feel like a child.
  • It is spring.
  • You can beat your boyfriend by going higher than him.
 [Is this opposite of low?! Nope, just me.]

Sometimes getting down is scary (!) but not if you pick the right tree. Let me tell you,
this one was PERFECT.

[Brian: "Let me take another picture, make it look like you are actually climbing the tree."]

NOW, do you guys believe I was climbing it?
The other ones were clearly fake.
You didn't know did you? Good thing Brian was there to set you straight.
(Or was he?)

Anyway, look how artistically I used this photo to do an assignment for class I wasn't interested in:

[colors and colors and colors]

Do the colors accurately describe my emotions as I climb this tree? You be the judge.


  1. What??? I thought they were real pictures for sure. How did you do it?

    I liked the colors in the last one and the weird geometric shapes in the background that look a little like a city or something :D

  2. Hey I didn't notice that MY computer was signed in as Christie!!!!

  3. Haha, sorry Mom, but I was trying to be sarcastic because there is NO WAY I could fake those photos. They are real. If only you'd heard the tone I was typing in, you would have known right away.

  4. the great thing about trees is that they're willing to share their height with us, if we're willing.

  5. just thought i'd let you know, i had to type "undempic" as the word verification for that last comment. this is really just a reason to type it to see if it's an actual word. based on the red line underneath, i'm sad to say it's not.