Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gold Star/Sparkles

Here is the fabled pictures of my winnings.
What I mean by this, for those not in the know, can be explained pretty easily.

My painting teacher helps out with an annual art show at his (kind of) church. Anyone can submit work for free. The church members have a lot of fun with it too.

So I submitted two of my paintings.
One involves a nude figure in the fetal position on a bathroom floor. The bathroom is a suffocating shade of pink and has no door. I rudely forgot to take a picture of it close up, but you will see it in good time. All in good time.

Apparently an older woman at the church got worker up about the nipple that is visible in my painting. An amusing thought, I didn't think it was too controversial compared to the rest of the art world! They still let it in the show.

The other painting I submitted is this guy:

 [tentative title = "The Confrontation"]

It represents some creepy relics of the Toltec civilization, the oldest known (art-making) people to inhabit central Mexico. We cannot read their writing or interpret the few artifacts they have left us, which includes these angry figures that were buried in a hole 20 feet deep. They also carved massive faces out of stones that came from sources 60 miles away!

[a detail for ya]

Fun fact: I am working on a sequel/version 2.0 of this piece that will be much bigger and (hopefully) cooler.

Anyway, I surprisingly got the 1st place student award at the show! Yay :).
It was for The Confrontation.

My painting teacher was very proud. 

[holding my winnings]

In conclusion, good times.
Don't worry, more funny blogs will come someday after this serious artsy one ;).


  1. Hey Christie I love it!! Thanks for posting your picture. Those little jade guys are a little disturbing, they are so angry.

    I loved the pic of you and your art teacher at the end :D

    I think we need to see the famous nipple picture too hahaha!

  2. ok kid your amazing at painting! but get a close up of the other ones!!!!
    you should paint me something to put in my new house next year :)
    haha. your an amazing painter though! i showed my roommate laura (boring one) and she loved it too actually.


  3. Yayayyy thanks! And you can totally have at least one of my paintings, Marina :)