Saturday, October 9, 2010

Leaving (A Pun*)

I've been trying to think of something to blog about for a LONG time. Today, it seemed like I had to think of something, because I have been borrowing a fancy camera from school for a sculpture project. (Maybe I will show you later.)
The fancy camera did not give me any fancy ideas, but it did made me want to take pictures.

So I took pictures while raking. Yeah, I know.

I'm hoping you'll be forget how cheesy this post idea is when I tell you that we have massive mobs of leaves in our yard.

(Lots of trees. That's where leaves come from.)

[I hope comparing it to a human scale will help you fathom the size of this leaf pile.]

Technically we were bagging already-raked leaves, but you get the point. I found the perfect opportunity to take a break when I decided to get a picture of Fraser trying to find his ball in the leaf-pile. 

Hopefully all of you are just as PSYCHED about this as I was. Imagine you love this dog, it is a fantastically warm fall day, and you are holding a (borrowed) $1,000 camera. 
Now are you psyched?

[so... he was moving, but check out the detail in the leaves.]

[the word "frolicking" may just be appropriate here]

[two butts, no faces]

Eventually he found it somewhere in the center. 

You may not have known, but I am an exquisite dog-photographer. (At least with this camera I am.)

Don't worry, it may seem like my brother

and mom

were doing all the work, but I can assure you I helped after this. (It still counts as helping if they told me I was a bad leaf-scooper.) 

(Oh, and it still counts if Kevin was a better leaf-packer than me. So there.)

Will this picturesque autumn scene hold your attention?

Or do I have to give you a preview of my sculpture project instead?

[make that two previews.]

*Raking leaves and the fact that I left campus for the weekend are what make this title such a brilliant pun. You're very welcome, people who just don't understand. 


  1. How many leaves did you take pictures of for your desktop pattern? Hehe.

    I love raking leaves...too bad our only tree is super puny, so raking would probably take like 40 seconds. We could bag it in a ziplock.

    Love you project. Can't wait for critique!

  2. Love the book picture! The squiggly line one looks cool too.

    Brian-we will recruit you next time you are here-we still have lots of leaves to go!

    Fraser was in heaven :) He had all 3 of us, we were outside AND the ball!!!