Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things I've Been Making

Here are my past two sculpture projects!

I was going to show you some great posters Brian and I collaborated on for his musical, but they are saved in a format that doesn't work on my computer.
Don't be so angry, okay? I will show you them later. Also, if there is anything you want me to blog about, please let me know. I have been uninspired as far as the blogging arena goes.

The first sculpture came about when I decided to purchase the cheapest thing at Axman Surplus. Nuts were 72 cents a pound. (The ribbon was from Michael's though, don't tell anyone.)

[closssse up.]

In case you couldn't tell, I made it squiggle all across the pedestal. 

[squigg squigg squigg]

Then we have my second project. We were supposed to do the opposite of a well-known artist. I attempted to do the opposite of Andy Goldsworthy.
He goes outside and uses only the things he finds there to make interesting art, so I went inside and did the same.

[can't find what you wanted to read now, sucker.]

[if you stare at it long enough, you will understand.]

Squiggles somehow became a theme...

[one post-it pack]

 [five post-it packs]

[I'd say you can see the difference.]

[should have put this up earlier... not my fave.]

[let me know if this one is easy to see or not.]

[love the awkwardness of this picture]

[here it is without the distraction]

These were all fun to make, except the large rainbow bookshelf took a tad longer than I'd hoped. You should probably click on it to see it large to appreciate my hard work. Also, I am now in the process of putting the books back (they are sorted by subject) and it is HORRIBLE. Books fall down all the time, space is running out in certain categories, and the overly cheerful/patronizing teacher whose office shares this wall always makes stupid comments about it. 

Lucky you, our next project is metal casting!


  1. The rainbow bookshelf does look cool! I can see that it would be a pain to put back :)

  2. Christie! I love all of these! Especially the color coordinated bookshelves, the squiggly nuts (heh), and the post-its!

    Also, "squiq squiq squiq" is not only really hard to type, it made me LOL!

    awesome job using ordinary stuff to make sweet art :)