Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pointy Frost and Procrastination

Today was a pretty gray day. Sometimes gray days are pretty, sometimes they are horrendous. I think it has to do with the temperature. A warm(ish) gray day is peaceful, cool, and laid back, whereas a cold (or freezing) gray day is bleak, endless and windy. (I just had an urge to add a citation to that sentence, proof I've been spending too long on this paper!)

[Box elder trees: not as horrible in the winter.]

Anyway, I noticed the frost this morning looked like tiny little spikes or icy fur.

[foreshadowing? I was working with dogs after all.]

The strange crystals made the chain link fence look more dangerous, yet more soft. 

[I'm in love with those brown grass patches.]

However, my day was not as exciting as it may sound. (I know you think pointy frost sounds better than any party, winning game or concert.) 

After working with some rambunctious dogs, I went home to try and complete a paper. I didn't get very far (one paragraph) before I decided to blog.

Some people were doing more exciting things today WHICH REALLY TICKS ME OFF.

[a probably awesome piece of art in Chicago, sent from an undisclosed phone]

Ah, but now we must part. I will leave you with a forgotten picture from my home computer: the creepiest Ice Cream van I ever purchased a cold dessert from.


  1. Hahahaha the best part was the painting by the unknown artist. Degas?

  2. Okay, I lied, it was actually all great.

  3. Not Degas. Toulouse-Letrec. It's so much like that Degas ballerina one, isn't it?

    I love the ice cream picture. Was I there with you? Is this in Owatonna? Either way, I like the spray painted flowers underneath the words "ice cream".

  4. Damn this blog is hot. It will get edgier and edgier and edgier in the future--believe me I know. I know what happens to a woman when she cuts her hair short.