Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Fuzzy Aquintance

This year I live as far away from the class buildings as an on-campus student can possible live. It's only a ten-minute walk, but we wimps have a shuttle, just in case.

Since fall is my favorite season ever ever EVER, I have refused to employ the shuttle on my trips to class, even when I am late or carrying extra things. I ride my bike.

[my Lover and me]

I love riding my bike! It is the most wondrous form of exercise! I adore going down hills with my hands in the air and dinging my bell and going fast enough to generate wind and smelling the fresh air!

Yesterday, on the way to class, I came across a furry little mouse (mole?). I'm not sure if he was friendly, excessively brave, or drugged, but he crawled right up to my foot!

[nice to meet YOU]

After that he (she?) preceded to walk in circles in the middle of the road.
Despite being practically late for class, I tried to save the little mousey-wousey by scaring him back into the safe trees. He just kept circling.

Eventually, I had to give up and say a little prayer for him... off to painting class.
There is still no carcass on that section of road :).

Last night, I had a strangely vague dream where my roommate Justine and I were in a biology class dissecting those same mice and one of them escaped.

Well, save the mice!



  1. That is so strange Christie that it would come so close to you! I hope you made it to class on time.

    Now that you live further away you should leave extra early to give you time to explore and/or save little furry moles!

  2. Although then if you get there too early you will just wonder around anxiously not knowing what to do with yourself until class starts.

    That happened to me this morning. I was 10 minutes early but since I am rarely early I was at a loss as to what to do!!

    So I wondered up and down the halls looking for people to talk to, talked and waved my arms around a lot (and almost hit someone in the face) and generally made a nuisance of myself hahaha!

  3. this is a really cute story, but for some reason it makes me really really sad. i dunno, something about a poor furry little creature lost in the middle of a big scary road. *sniff*

    it's cute, though. you probably should have taken it home and put it in a cage that it can wander around inside a safe little cage. :)

  4. Yeah, I don't like being too early either. Feels like wasted time.

    Ahhh, you're right, I could have kept her!! :(
    Well. Next time perhaps.

    Wait, that's a lie, I just saw a cat chasing a mouse yesterday and didn't keep/save the lil' guy.