Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snapshots of Our New Dorm-O-Rama

[most adorable wallpaper on the planet]

[our roomie Ms. Butterworth posing in front of our very own stove! (we even had pancakes for breakfast on Monday) ]

[the green paint on the bedroom doorknob begs the question: were the previous dormers artists or vandals? you decide.]

[strange peephole between rooms.]

[knockers are rad!]

[brand-new awesome fancy fridge magnets]

[upper-class adult dishware. it's glass-- oh so mature!]

[awww, Justine's mom's mom gave the little decoration on the right to her when she first moved out! the one on the left is from a dollar store.]

[illuminating deals near you.]

So now that I have homework and work, I may not be able to post quite as often, but rain or shine, I WILL post, so bear with me!!



  1. My vote: your previous dormers were artists! (well, maybe wanna-be-artists?)

    What's with the middle of the wall doggie-door between rooms?


  2. Pancakes for breakfast? I'm impressed!! Remember sometime to try raspberry or strawberry pancakes-you'll love them!
    I love your new place!!! and i love you too!!
    ttyl :)

  3. Yes! I haven't really cooked anything since pancakes, but, hey, it's a start.

    And, you're right, I'll just assume that they were in fact really bad artists... or wanna-be-artists. Perhaps both.

    Yeah... we think the little window is was built after the fact so the air conditioner could spread between rooms. That's our theory anyway.
    Brian already tried to climb through it, of course. He would have made it too if there hadn't been a big scary desk to land on on the other side.

  4. someday i will get through that hole in the wall.

    i like your cool apartment/dorm/room/place. awesome.