Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday is for Parties

Hello, Bonjour, Salam Alakum, everybody!

[this is me saying, "hello"]

Look, this Saturday night, I have discovered how to take pictures with my webcam! What awesomeness, you may say! Well, I would humbly reply, thank you and good night.

Ahh, I was just hankering to write a post really, and my lack of camera becomes more and more painful the closer I get to December (aka The Golden Month of the Shiny New Camera). So this is my temporary solution.

Though, I swear Marina knows how to take much cooler webcam pictures where you can make crazy backgrounds and everything.

[the intangable feeling that something is missing]

Marina? Marina?! Are you reading this?? I'm getting anxious here! ! ! ! !

[the face of desperation]

Otherwise, I'd have to resort to my own special effects.... think of how the world would suffer if that happened every week...

[effect: turns subject into Angel of Peace]

[effect: subject appears to be playing in a blue forest]

[effect: subject at a party on Saturday night]

See, Marina?
Well, at least the webcam is fun for me now. I can offer more pictures for all of youuu!

Catch you later, reader-bo-beaders.


  1. I love your personally created special effects! I REALLY thought you were playing in a blue forest and that you were in LA at some snazzy party! (okay maybe in a snazzy dorm in LA on a Saturday night.) Hmmm...speaking of LA...ever think about adding Theater as a major/minor? After seeing these photos, I think you would be a natural!!! :-) Thanks again for the smiles!

  2. Hehehe yay, I'm glad you like it!! Alright... the snazzy party MAY have been in a dorm room... but what if I told you that dorm room was in LA? ;)

    Hahahahha I have too many majors and minors to consider theater, sorry!!

  3. Maybe you can pick out your shiny new camera over Thanksgiving break......
    It was great seeing you and Brian today! I am so glad you were both able to come to Grandma's birthday.

    See you again soon Christie!! Keep on bloggin.