Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today is the first Official Day of November in ChristieWorld. Why, you ask?

Well today is the day I colored my calendar, of course!
(Pssh, I can't believe you didn't know!)
See, my wonderful mother presents me with a shiny new calendar every Christmas, and last year she decided to get me a color-it-all-by-yourself version. Party.

Anyway, voila novel November!

[could anyone really say no to colorful, happy monsters?]

Look closely (hopefully the picture is good enough) and you will see that people I know/live with are in there! What! Ca-ra-ZAY!

Don't believe me? Don't see the resemblence?
So be it. I'll walk you through, meek-minded ones!

1. Royal the peacock (of Justine's humble farm)

[free as a bird]

Yeah, yeah, so the creators might have wanted me to color a turkey. TOO BAD, SUCKERS! ! !

I mean, come ON, look at the resemblence! Uncanny!
(Just imagine him opening his feathers... something that only happens on the Springborn farm when he flirts with the chickens in the spring.)

[the ever-elusive one]

2. Billy the Black-Wearer

[as he tries to catch Royal, who just ran past the letter "r"]

What can we learn from my depiction of Billy? Billy LOVES metal!!
\m/ (That's a hand making a "rock on" sign for all you parents.)

But, wait a second, Christie! How do we know this is true?
Take a gander (or peacock) at this extremely metal to the core photo:

[Billy is the one on the right]

Told you !! (See "rock on" signs, sweat, black shirt, and angsty facial expression.)

3. Justine the Chow-Mein Lover

[so happy and polka-dotted]

Aww, Justine, the best cook of the group is serving her two most-cooked foods: chow mein and pepperonis and cheese with crackers! Precious!

And lookie here, Justine really does enjoy chow mein!!

[Springborn, center, simply loving chow mein and nothing more]

4. Christie/Me, the One with Three Eyes

[fun fact: blue is my favorite color]

WOAH! Is that a photo or a colored in calendar?! Can you even tell?
Here's a hint:

[real me = the one wearing green]

I don't think any words need to be said here. Well, okay, notice how we both have orange wavy arms, and sit on picnic benches occationally.

5. Brian, the Tall Hungry Fellow

[sometimes I lend him one of my eyes]

Here are the four primary things that describe Brian:
  1. tall
  2. favorite color = green
  3. adores eating
  4. likes to check out Christie
Now, which of these is represented in the picture? Yes, E: All of the above!!

[being tall and favoring green... 50% of his personality]

6. Ashley, the New Roommate

[yes, her tail is that pointy in real life]

Ashley likes pink and smiles a lot. She's a fantastic new addition to our dorm.


I rest my case.

7. Jibs, Jibs, Beloved Pet

[no offense Jib-ster, but I kind of wish you were a real dog]

All the same colors and just as loyal!

[he's the big fat scary one]

Boy, oh boy, will he be excited when he finds out he made the blog again (see previous entry for better picture)!!


Did you like my fun story where I simplified all of my friends into a few marker-drawn traits?

p.s. Novem-Blog relevant button:

["have a harvest of happiness"... alliteration, you are trully a gift]

p.p.s. Novem-Blog relevant vampire:

[hey, Edward... still waiting]


  1. Wow Christie I must admit I was a meek-minded one and I did not believe that there was any thought put into which monster represented which friend but then I read your explanations!


    How will I top the calendar you got to color yourself????

    How many puppy calendars do you think I gave you over the years? Plus a few dophins, kittens, baby animals and cool nature scenes! What is next?

    Keep on bloggin girl!

  2. Thanks for the explanation of the 'rock on' sign for us parent-type readers....never would of guessed. I'm going to have to use that sign to show everyone how hip and trendy I am. I like to flaunt my coolness whenever possible. (Only one problem...I can't find the forward slash on my key board. I lose coolness points for that?)

    You crack me up! And thanks for sometimes lending Brian one of your eyes....of course, that just means he can check you out more!

    "take a gander (or a peacock)" HAHAHA!!!

    Have a dandy week! Bummer you couldn't join us sometime this weekend!


  3. hahahah... I don't know, Mom, how WILL you top that?!
    It's true, I've probably had more puppy ones than anything else. Actually I save a lot of my calendars because throwing them out feels like throwing out memories (plus I'm just bad about throwing away stuff in general).

    Tess, the backslash on my computer is above my enter key... check there...

    Glad you guys enjoyed this :)