Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flavored Water Will Kill Us All

Let me tell you the reason Marina woke up to discover this in the bathroom sink yesterday.

[sharp and... bloody?]

No, it was just flavored water, don't freak out. Hey, I said STOP IT, okay?

See, this happened because of my brilliant idea to not waste my reddish raspberry flavored water so I should bring it upstairs to bed just in case there was a case of midnight thirst. Told you it was brilliant. Went to bed, not thirsty yet. Fell asleep.... still not thirsty. 

Woke up at 6 a.m. I wasn't thirsty but the bloody scars from my newly removed wisdom teeth were in pain! I was practically forced to roll out of bed to fetch some ibuprofen and my lovely wrap-around-head ice pack. 

[it gives one a sort of angelic flush, no?]

I sort of fell asleep on the couch and was surprised by Kevin getting up to go to school. Oh, high school, I forget you drag on so long! I fell back asleep until I heard my alarm going off, the one I set so I wouldn't oversleep (THIS IS CALLED IRONY, NOT SURE IF YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS ;] ). 
Yargh! said I. Racing upstairs, I turned it off and jumped into bed to sleep longer...

knocking over that damn flavored water.

So the rest of my morning went like this:

[this girl loves to scrub!]

After some cleaning and complaining, I realized this was blog-worthy, so just add some extra stains to this with the eye of your mind (alias "imagination"). 

[an OxyClean salesman's dream]

Have no imagination? Do not worry, my blog includes people with disabilities! 

[exactly what it looked like. only drier.]

So yes, I was left with a fun little story and a nice cut from a shard of broken glass I overlooked.

[finally, some real blood]

Now, were this some sort of artsy movie like Pulp Fiction or what have you, I might bring it full circle by revisiting the opening scene. 

[ " ]

However, this is a mere blog. So goodbye!


  1. Hahaha I can't believe you quoted Dad and his movie!! He will be thrilled that you were really listening and then even recreated that :)

    That shard of glass was in your shin? Looked kinda big and nasty-hope it's ok...

    Good job scrubbing upstairs! I can hardly see the spot and the sheets came clean but NO MORE red juice on white carpet!!!

    Love the pic of you with the ice pack, so sadly funny hee hee! Glad you are healing well!

  2. that a home made round-the-head ice pack or do they actually sell those? If you made it, you should patent it and make a million dollars! (not bad for a summer's earnings.)

    Love the theater-in-the-round idea of this blog. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to read what possibly could have caused that oh-so-scary first image...I KNOW you said to NOT freak out at the sharp bloody-looking image...but I'm a mom and broken glass and red fluids just cause some freakage to happen. It's just a natural phenomenon that happens once you give birth.

    Btw: make sure you put clean out that flesh wound thoroughly!!!

    I like your enhanced image for your creatively-impaired readers! Especially your 'ignore' note. :-)

  3. Yeah that movie was way better than I expected. Now I want to see it from the beginning and without dad getting bored during commercials and switching to "The African Queen."

    Those ice packs are real, they gave them to us at the dentist! I wish I could make money of that idea :)