Sunday, July 11, 2010

Items Better Forgotten

Today I went through my "memory box," a.k.a. the bin of random crafts, drawings, and awards I have saved over the years. There were a lot of things I wondered why I saved-- some more than others.

For example...


Yes, it is a tube filled with green tinged water and glitter, topped with corks and wads of glue. Not really sure what it was meant for... a glowstick perhaps?

Or glitterstick? Sparkly wand? Mold experiment?
No doubt there are some beautiful memories attached to this object. Must have been a joy to create (and probably only took about 2 minutes!). 

If you thought that was AWESOME, you will love this construction paper silhouette of me: 

[it seems I couldn't close my mouth or cut it out on my own at the time]

What a great idea my 1st grade teacher, Ms. Wiese had! All children should quietly sit in front of a bright light to be traced at this age! How else could they remember their awkward slouch or the shape of their hairstyle? Brilliant. 

So maybe I couldn't cut a silhouette in first grade, but I sure was handy with leather! Oh boy oh boy oh BOY am I glad I kept these beautiful crafts:

[especially the bag]

You'll be happy to know that the bag is not the right size for pencils... or anything else a kid would want to hold for that matter. Stickers would get crushed, small rocks would fall out, and frogs would escape. Maybe it was made to mail a very very special letter. 

Oh, it gets better. Guess what this is:

"Is it barf or dried cottage cheese?" you may ask. No, friends, it is a small hunk of homemade paper. This lumpy, blueish scrap was definitely worth saving. Reminds me of recycling and all the odd things we did in girl scouts. Too bumpy to write on or glue to any surface, but maybe it could be used as highly absorbent toilet paper or the cover to a very ugly (title-less) scrapbook.

Speaking of writing on weird materials, here is another item I saved:

A piece of wood accented with yarn that has my name written on it. Gee golly.
Apparently I love my name because I also salvaged this specimen:

[does the busy background make it more interesting?]

Man, what could be better than a piece of construction paper shaped like a star?
An altered Folgers can, of course!

[it was obvious from the beginning I'd be an art major]

Did you know I've been a Highland Bank customer for over 5 years?! The day it happened is one I'll never forget... because I saved the key link they sent me.

[never used. never forgotten.]

Okay, so something a company made to encourage more sales isn't that cool. But what about something handmade? That's worth saving, right? Maybe...

Wow. Glue and lame feathers and hunks of felt. Must have taken a master-craftswoman to make these!

Now I feel like there are too many funny objects, I am running out of things to write! Here is a floppy clay boat.

[how can something be so detailed yet so lame?]

Which accessory is your favorite: the tie-dye oars? The lumpy life jacket? The 3D shorts? 
My favorite might be one that is not pictured:

[fishing pole = broken... oh and a red scrap of dried clay too]

So, do you like it? I have a few more funny things from memory lane if you do!


  1. these are so funny.

    but c'mon, christie, couldn't you have at least closed your mouth for the silhouette picture?!

    when I saw the homemade paper, i thought it was like sheep's hide or something. maybe it was the lighting. :)

    ell ewe vee.

  2. Very nice artwork! :-) Your commentary makes them all even better! The coffee can....breath-taking!

    More please!!!!!


  3. FUNNY!!

    Now just so you know, it was obvious from a young age that you were much more creative than most kids! Actually that model magic canoe and all of the accessories was awesome! Who thinks of stuff like that? We laughed about the swimming trunks at the time. I asked you why they were on the boat-were they skinny dipping?? NO you said, those were the girls shorts she had on over her bikini!

    Hahahaha! You always had such an imagination~the most important feature for an artist I think!

  4. HAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Marina as a male black child is AMAZING. And is your wooden necklace thing from LLCC? Cause I remember having one of those too, only halfway through the trip I got really made and threw it and it broke in half. Intense, I know.

    Reading your blog for the first time in awhile inspired me to make a new one, even if I broke my digital camera at the State Fair, thus rendering me currently incapable of uploading funny pictures.

    Anyway, reading this makes me miss you and wants us to be funny together again sometime soon!