Sunday, July 25, 2010

A "Post" for my "Readers"

So a few days ago I helped my mom organize a storage room. It is full of crafty things: feathers, glue, kaleidoscope kits, blank wooden frames, cotton balls... and toys for her preschoolers.

Well, they call it a storage room at least. Some might say otherwise, as you can see from the sarcastic sign on the door:

Makes me wonder whether one would need to use "air quotes" when talking about the place.

"Hey Viola, where can I find some fake flowers for a craft project?"

"Oh, they're in the "storrrrage" room, Sandy."

See Viola would drag out the word and raise her voice while making an annoying motion similar to this:

[yes I was really saying "storage" when this was taken]

Seems a bit pretentious to me. 

Anyway, here is the Before shot of one area I organized (or should I say "Beforrre"?)...

[chaos! chaos!]

After hours of sweat, blood, elbow grease, and a little bit of coffee, the place looked much better...

[the blurriness should prove this is real and not from an IKEA magazine]

There was one little gem I stumbled upon when going through the stuff. I found the most masculine wallpaper book that has ever existed.

[maps? compasses? paisley? navy blue?! too much testosterone for me!]

Not only does this wonderful collection feature sailboat patterns, plaid, and fishin' designs, it also includes the manly macho room design seen here:

[makes me want to butcher a deer and drink raw eggs!!]

I will leave you with that.


  1. Oh my gosh Christie, you are so funny! I just look forward to reading every new post!!
    I will share this at work and let you know the reaction :)

  2. Do they actually have fishin' patterns? I'm redoing my room...

    And the misuse of quotation marks are rising on the totem pole of Things That Annoy The Crap Out Of Me. It's really "getting up there."

    I love this one.

  3. Christie, before we stripped all the wallpaper out of our house in RF last summer, we had that paper in our bathroom. Can't say I ever thought of it as masculine... but, who knows, with wallpaper!