Friday, August 28, 2009

In Memory of Clem

I used to have a cactus named Clementine (my roommate Justine and I like to name as many inanimate objects as possible). She was no bigger than a computer mouse, very prickly, and had a pretty purple flower. Unfortunately, I forgot about her all summer and she is now pushing up daisies/dead as a doornail/with Jesus (?)/at the end of the line/passed away.

This appears to be a rather dull subject: Christie being too stupid to water her cactus once a week, but you have to see what a dead cactus looks like!

Kind of gross, no? It's like she deflated and all of the green melted out too. Also, there is a bit of blackness near the root that can't quite be captured on a camera. Blech.

Sort of grosses me out really. I haven't thrown it out yet. It just reminds me of a floppy slug or something and I don't really want to touch it.

But hey, before you start judging me, at least the important thing is that my hermit crab Jibs is still alive!!

["yay, rocks."]

I was curious about other dead cacti so I looked some up on Google Images. There were many owners blogging about the same thing that happened to me with the same sized cacti... yet I posted this anyway.

There were also some real ones out in the desert. You know how dead trees are generally kind of pretty? Like they make a cool silhouette against the sky or add the perfect effect to a foreboding shot in a movie? Well, dead cacti are rather gross. Pretty much all of them are just ugly. I found one that was sort of pretty... because it looked kind of like a tree.

[here's a dead TREE I saw on a family vacation to Hawaii. Gorgeous, eh? Almost makes me look like a good photographer or something!]

[here's the prettiest picture on the web (that I could find) of a dead cactus. If you ask me, it's still pretty ugly and everything cool and morbidly beautiful about it reminds me of a tree.]

[ here's a nasty ugly sick gross yucky one]

Goodbye, readers! I hope your dreams consist of dead trees and not deceased cacti!



  1. So did you throw your poor little cactus away I wondered as I read your blog? I went to check and NO! You are leaving me to dispose of the evidence huh?
    I guess that's one thing mom's are good for hahaha!
    I got your texts about 2 more items to bring on Monday, send more if you think of them. I hope to get to your place on Monday night around 6:30? I could bring a pizza to bake :)
    Let me know.

  2. The gross yucky cactus didn't show up on my computer :(

  3. fateful was the name that you and Justine gave Clementine!

    "Oh my Darling, Oh my Darling,
    Oh my Darling Clementine.
    Thou art lost and gone forever,
    Dreadful sorry, Clementine." sad....are you dreadful sorry? Really?

    Fyi: I used to name my plants too, but I stopped once I killed off more plants than I could count. At least your Clementine has a place in history now that she has a whole blog all about her!

    Brenda: Your "So did you throw your poor little cactus away" question cracked me up! I wonder how I knew the answer before I read it? (Maybe because I was left with a room full of dirty glasses, plates and socks when the kid left for college.)

  4. The gross yucky cactus didn't show up on my computer either. :-(

  5. oh, that's so sad. clementine was so beautiful in her prime.