Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Essence of Spontaneity

What's fun? Writing a blog about someone while you are waiting for them to come over? I think so!

Even more fun, once Brian gets here I will stop and leave you hanging on the edge of your seat!!

["oh, the suspense!"]

Brian is wonderful because he fell off his bike accidentally and bent my tire and he bought me a new one! What a nice (rich?) guy.

He's fun because we make stupid jokes together that only we think are funny.

Today we went to Famous Dave's and got the garbage can platter for two, which is actually made for 5 or more, I'm sure, they must have labeled it wrong. It was delicious and we have oodles of leftovers.

Brian is cool because he writes a new blog pretty much every day while I just stress out and do homework or laundry or something else mundane instead.

Geeesh, he is taking a long time to come over!!

[this is him looking all rad with shades and such.]

Brian got a brand new kite and I have a pretty fabulous one myself, but we haven't been able to fly because we are busy when it is windy and it isn't windy when we are free! The horrors.

Well, here is his call.

See you!