Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A white October? Boo--let it snow?
That can't be right!

But (as most of us know) it really happened. Today.

I must admit I was hesitant to join either the "I <3 Summer 4EVER" club or the "Winter is Cool" one (Heh heh).
It was gorgeous. White, fluffy, fresh, everything a first snow should be.

[what my eyes showed me on the way to morning class]

But we haven't had fall yet! And fall is my FAVORITE. The leaves were hardly yellow, and now they will probably just die :(. Oh... the horrors.

Not that this will change my enjoyment of fall foods--pumpkin flavor everything, apple products, and the like--but my shivering and the lack of warm hues will likely put a damper on my mood.

[pretty. but wrong.]

[notice the level of confusion/uncertainty caused by such contradictory weather]

Today some hilarious person was playing "Let It Snow" and it reminded me of how much I hate it when people play Christmas music before Thanksgiving... not to mention HALLOWEEN for crying out loud!

In conclusion... come back Fall! Winter, you hold your damn horses and come back this pretty and warm after Thanksgiving.

[but, yes, you got me there, it was fantastically beautiful]

Thanks for reading and waiting between blog-gaps/bloggaps!

p.s. I know everyone in Blogville wrote about the weather today, but I couldn't help it. Besides, I woke up at 7:30 am so I probably got the idea before them ;).


  1. girl, u funny.

    i especially enjoy "Winter, hold your damn horses." it could possibly be the funniest thing you've ever said. :)

    lovely post. and thanks for taking me outside online, since i can't go out because of my infirmity.

    and the picture of yourself looking at the leaves is hilarious. :)

    love you.

  2. Yes, it WAS a MIGHTY long bloggap! I'm glad to see you've taken a moment from your studies and sick boyfriend to entertain all of us! It's about time! :-)

    I have to agree with Brian about your picture looking at the leaves. It kind of...in a way...looks like the pictures when you were little and didn't know how to smile on command!

    So, I have to ask, was it Brian playing 'let it snow'?

    Thanks for the laughs tonight!


  3. Great pictures Christie, it was a really beautiful snow but I was thinking the same as you: This just doesn't seem right!!

    An old friend of mine from Missouri said what she thought was funny about Minnesotans and weather is that we are always saying, "Well, this isn't normal"

    Snow in October? Days and days of snow? No snow? Below zero for longer than a week? 80's in March...

    You get the idea! hahaha it's really true and it is one of the things I missed about Minnesota when we lived down south and in England-the unpredictable variety!!

    Talk to you soon Christie :D


  4. Aww, thanks Brian.

    And, Tess, it was not Brian playing "Let it Snow" but a stranger doing the tech work for chapel. Hehe.

    That picture DOES look like me trying to smile as a child and failing. Hmm.

    Great Mom, I'm glad you understand!
    Hahah, it's true, we do have weird weather here :).