Friday, October 30, 2009

Birds Were Chirping

Last week I had myself a lovely morning so I took some pictures to show you.

First and foremost, did anyone here know that Bethel had a bell tower? (Raise your hand if you did.)

[okay... so it's kind of a bell wall]

Me neither. Cute, right?
I've yet to hear them ring and ding though... I'll let you know if I do.

Next great thing: Group presentation in class = FREEEE SUCKERS! (OMG)
Oh, and Justine brewed me some delicious coffee.
Good day, good day indeed.

[hooray-ness for the yumminess]

Then I found that bethel also has a cute little stepping-stone bridge thing over a cute little creek with cute little leaves covering it in yellow prettiness. Heheh, and don't forget: it was CUTE.

["step, step, step"]

Alright, so the leaves make the water look like the ground, but don't fall in, readers! As you can see in the next shot, there really IS water down there!

["splish, sploosh, splash"]

In conclusion, I arrived in the ol' dorm and took a nap. 'Twas a very good morning, if you ask moi.

[satisfied snoozer]

Hope your mornings are even more delightful than mine!

p.s. Saw a "got Packers?" sticker yesterday. Told you.


  1. This entry made me smile. Thanks! I needed that! :-)

    BTW: lovely coat....but does that mean Frumpsville and you have parted ways? :-(

  2. who took the picture of you 'sleeping'?

    Your new coat looks so cute!! Are you lovin it?

  3. Aww, thanks for liking my new coat, you two!

    For the record, I still own Frumpsville, he/she/it just gets less attention.

    And I myself was the photographer of me sleeping--I'm just that good!