Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got __________? Yes, We ALL Do

A while ago I was at a fun Apple Orchard with Brian and my eyes beheld this sight:

["got apples?" said the sign]

It made me think about how the government employee who coined the phrase "got milk?" must be ROLLING IN IT right now (money, not milk).
Have you ever noticed how many people rip off that advertising campaign?

  • When my sister was in choir, they all bought red shirts that said (you guessed it) "got choir?" in white letters.
  • Of course there is the classic kitch example of the "got Jesus?" shirts saturating the SonShine (Music Festival) sales booths, Christian bookstores, and the like.
  • Exhibit C:
[this requires no caption]
(That one was actually Marina's idea, and that brown goo was actually chocolate, so stop freaking out already!)

  • Oh wait a second, examples are POINTLESS because anyone can (and will) do that with every word ever!
Got lima beans? Got capitalism? Got earthquakes? Got camel spit? Got GOT QUESTIONS?

I assume you get it now.
Interesting, no?

Well, see you later! (Or be read by you later, to be more precise)


[would it really have been a TRUE apple orchard if it didn't have more than one corny sign?]


  1. OMG Christie you are so funny-how do you think of these topics?

    Where and when did you go to the apple orchard? Did you get some apples and/or pumpkins?

    Love your coat :)


  2. hahahahahah read my new one and you shall see my coat's new name!

    This was a while ago when I went to La Crosse with Brian. We DEFINITELY got apples and cider!!! No pumpkins though. Justine grows them.

    p.s. I can't believe you just said "OMG."