Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today I mostly shot the breeze,
and missed.

A bit of a snorefest, really. A regular blah, blah, BLAH for ya.

I did get to go sledding for a short time in the morning, but after that I sat down to do homework.

[nose in a book]

And do homework. And do homework.
And get nowhere because I chose to sit in front of the TV the entire time.

[boredom and monotony arrive to greet me]

So I ended up doing practically nothing.
And taking a nap despite the healthy 8.5 hours of sleep I received last night!

[snoozemania 2009: featuring ZZZ and the snore-o-ramas]

Well. I got a little snippet read. Woot.

And hey, Pavan K. Varma, if you're reading this, don't be offended, okay? You are a good writer, especially for an English-as-a-second language writer! You use a few words I don't know, and the only mistake I've seen is the extra commas you add to numbers over ninety nine thousand (1,00,000). Congrats. And, hey, there are lots of facts and ideas I was oblivious to! Like how corrupt the Indian government is, the fact that Indians tend to be good entrepreneurs (only 3% are formally employed, the others are self-employed, like shoppkeepers), and the way Indian schools encourage fact memorization over creativity. Oh, and how Indians have a goddess and god for material wealth--so different from Christianity!

It's just the fact that I did nothing else fun today.

[delirium sets in]

But, did you know my camera can take panoramas? Me neither! Until now, that is! Here is the magnificent one I shot of my bedroom:

[notice the amazing-ness of my interior designer skills. thanks, Trading Spaces!]

Oh, and I also got a new computer battery (hooray, and yay, and yeses!) but I realized that the packaging for heavy duty electronics like batteries SUCKS. It is that horrible thick plastic that seems like it will cut your scissors in half. I got a cut from that bastard!

[i know what you're thinking: youch!]

Of course, I have no right to be a full-blown crab-apple werewolf jerk.
Christmas was good.

[my grandma's preteen-sized tree + presentopia]

So, goodbye and good bye, everyone! Tomorrow will surely be more exciting, right?

P.S. Animals of the Christmas Season:

[Brian's dog, Maggie, who loves to be dressed up--something that goes against what i thought was the very nature of dog-ness]

[Fraser, my own nosy, overexcited pup]

[my grandma's cat, Honey. fattest, laziest cat since Garfield was actually funny (long ago) who keeps being fed simply because "he always wants more food" as my grandma says.]


  1. hahaha Christie! I was wondering what Christmas animals you could be posting about!

    Too bad you didn't get a picture of Chad's chicken who is now in his bedroom!!!

    It was a really boring day-I am with you on that one! The highlight of my day was cleaning out the pantry-woooo!

    Today will be better i hope :D


    ps: cool panorama picture! I wonder if my camera can do that?

  2. Your 'delirium sets in' photo is kind of what all of us look like today too.

    Mags is honored to be on your blog!

    Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas Christie!


  3. Oh man! I should have got Chad's chicken!
    Eh, oh well.

    And I'm glad I could give Maggie that honor! Maybe she will show up more if you get a blog...? ;)