Monday, December 21, 2009

Ornament Adventures

Hi there! My name is Katelynn, but my friends call me Ladder Girl! Pretty silly if you ask me. Maybe they're just jealous that I have this cool ladder I carry around all the time! My dad gave it to me before he left.

Anyway, I'm just a normal girl. In this picture I'm getting ready for Christmas time--probably my favorite time of ALL! I'd have to say everyone in Treeland gets pretty excited around Christmas though. We're one of the most festive places I can think of. That's for sure!

I love hanging out with my friends. My best friend of all, however, is Elfie. He lives in Shelftown. It's a bit of a walk from Treeville, but it's definitely worth it!

OMG, Elfie is so cool. A little awkward sometimes, but I still luv him! We go to school together, because there aren't many kids in Shelftown... not enough to make a whole school at least. I'm glad though! I mean how would I survive school without Elfie?

Oh, I guess I haven't told you, the reason I hate school is mostly because of these girls. Ughh, they're such jerks! They're the angels of school, but they're actually SO MEAN. Especially to me and Elfie. They make fun of us a lot. Bitches.

The girl in the middle of the picture is the worst. Her name is Brianna and she is a big huge giant jerk!! But it's okay because yesterday Elfie definitely just told her that and it was just so funny! But she might get us back tomorrow, IDK.

Well, nice meeting you people. Thanks Christie for totes letting me be a guest author!

-based on a childhood game Marina and I used to play

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  1. Unfortunately, the angel ornaments who used to be the popular girls are different now. Sad day.