Monday, December 21, 2009

Ornament Adventures: Part II

Hey--er--hi, everyone. I'm Elfingstone Stuffingson. But, uh, please don't tell the kids at school. They'll all mock me, I can see it now! Just call me Elfie, okay? That's not so bad. I'm guessing Kate probably already posted this (embarrassing) picture of me, but I don't really have any others, sorry. I just don't like pictures. My frizzy red hair and lanky arms don't photograph well. Don't get me started.

Yeah, I know I have a sort of dopey smile, shut up okay?

Anyway, I can't really talk about myself if I don't mention Kate. She's my best friend. She's so pretty and smart and funny and nice! Man, if I could ever get the courage to ask her to the Christmas dance... ah, nevermind. She probably wouldn't say yes. But at least I get to see her all the time--every day actually! A few days ago I even got the courage to tell Brianna she was a BIG JERK, all because she made Kate sad.

This isn't real life... I WISH though!!

School is sort of lame. No one understands me or Kate. Everyone calls her Ladder Girl, they don't even care to ask why she carries that ladder around. Some of the mean ones even call me Big Ears or Beanpole. Whatever they just don't get it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do learn some pretty neat stuff though. My favorite teacher is Mr. Claus. He teaches history with authority, like he's been around forever or something! And he's very jolly toward me. I learned all about the first settlers to reach the North Pole last week--good stuff!

Gee, is he neat or what?

Boy, oh boy, do I ramble on! Sorry! Kate is always joking that I don't need such big ears because I act like I have a bigger mouth! (Told you she was funny.) Well, you can get back to your life now. But, hey, if you, uh, talk to her, could you put in a good word? Like tell her you think I'm handsome or something? Well, you don't have to lie, but maybe if you tell her you think I'm a good writer...
Nevermind. Thanks Christie. Maybe when dad buys me a computer I'll get my own blog! Not that anyone would want to read about my life all the time. But I don't know, maybe!!
Goodbye, everyone!

-also elaborated from games Marina and I played when we were young


  1. I think you guys latched onto ladder girl because she was one of the few ornaments I didn't care if you touched it.

    I don't know where she came from...

    I never knew Kate and Elfie had such an elaborate history hahaha

  2. Hahahahah that probably is why!

    Oh, and the only reason I remembered her name is that Marina named ALL of her girls Katelynn. Dolls, barbies, ornaments, etc.