Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ornament Adventures: Part III

Good evening, I'm Trent. Oh Trent! Stop trying to be all professional. They know we're just kids! Oh, uh, hey. I'm Trish. Well, humbug, Trish! We don't know how many people read this thing! It could be our big shot, our ticket to stardom, our fifteen minutes... Naw, I don't think that many people read this. Oh.

Hullo, then. And I know what you're thinking. Yes... bears can play the freaking piano too. Stop freaking out. Yeah, we get that a lot, so, uh, sometimes Trish-- sometimes WE-- get a tad worked up about it. That's all.

Really, we're just you're average students, citizens of Treeville, Christmas enthusiasts, and siblings. See no big deal, right. So glad you understand, Trent!

So what else should we talk about? Hmm, I don't know... we could talk about our friends, our favorite part about Christmas, sigh.  Ah... CHRISTMAS. How I adore it! And I as well! This may be obvious, but I would have to say my favorite part about Christmas is the music. Oh, Christmas music! But the smells! Yes, the rest of the year smells like a basement, but Christmas! Christmas smells like cookies and cinnamon and fresh, first-floor air! Oh, and you know the view is beautiful too. Yes, so bright, morning and evening. Surreal almost, when the rest of the year is so very dark. Well, we should wrap up this talk about Christmas. PRESENT WRAPPING! Come on, these readers don't like it as much as us! So what? We're just supposed to talk about ourselves. And we freaking love this holiday! Yeah, but we don't want people to get bored. It's almost Christmas now. This is the exact opposite of boring! In fact, there's nothing else I'd rather discuss! Come on, Trish, pleasssseeeee.

Fine. I love my friends. One of them is Ladder Chica. She's hilarious! But then Brianna and her posse are pretty sweet too. For some reason they don't seem to get along well. Hmm. Oh, speaking of Ladder Girl, how long do you think Elfie has been hopelessly and irrevocably obsessed with her? Hahahah! Oh, I don't know, since the beginning of time or something? Before the North Pole was discovered, at least. Like he was born then! It's a figure of speech, sheesh. A hyperbole, if you will. Well give the poor guy a break, will you? You started it!!! I'm getting out of here, it seems SOMEONE is going to be manipulating the entire conversation anyhow! Thanks, Christie, but I want my own entry next time. 

Trish! Trish, come back! I was just kidding! Look, I was going to say you're my best friend of all! Seriously! Trish, can you hear me? You haven't gone to talk to that noisy, bell-ringing snowman have you? Hmmph.

Oh, don't worry, guys. She won't be mad for long! Thanks anyway, Christie. Don't forget to visit Treeville before Christmas, all!

-loosely based on those same childhood games


  1. aw that piano playing bear is just like me! just kidding, i hate it when people compare me to someone else just because we both play piano. actually, that bear is nothing like me.

    lovely story, yo. i can totally see you and marina just playing this game with your little voices and imaginations...and then marina getting bored and you still taking it overly seriously. :)

    i'm totes on Ladder Chica's side, by the way.

  2. Well, you are both (theoretically) white.
    That's it though.

    Hahahahah depending on the game sometimes I got bored first.... ONCE IN A BLUE MOON. Heheh.

    Omgz me too 4 ladda chica

  3. Yes that is exactly what would happen but Christie didn't really seem to care that Marina had quit, she just kept playing by herself!

    You have always had an awesome imagination able to amuse yourself for hours with only the stuff found in my purse!

  4. Hahahha oh yeah. That's me, alright!