Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Invisible People Will Be Fined

Yesterday I went on a bike ride.
I love my bike. It has a bell and a basket... and a heart. (except not really a heart)

I've realized my new haircut makes me look like an anime character when I'm out in the wind too much.

[concentrating on getting both me and the bike in the photo... still concentrating...]

Exhibit A:

[The glasses and open mouth only further the resemblance.]

Actually, when I saved the above picture to my computer, its name came up a "chris." It was a Sign. 

My bike ride was very successful. I biked for about 2 hours! 
I can prove this, at least to those who know where I live. Look, I discovered a town named "Burschville."

That's right, discovered. My tires were the first to tread that ground. My machete was the first to part that wilderness. My covered wagon made indents in untouched mud. 

Slight exaggeration... but it's true I didn't know Burschville (BV, as the locals call it) existed until yesterday. 
To get there I biked through St. Michael, through Hanover, and through Corcoran. Yay.

On my way I saw an interesting sight:

What does it mean, you ask? Come on, readers! The meaning is clear. "NO INVISIBILITY CLOAKS." That plain orange background obviously holds an invisible person. 

So it's important that when Harry (Potter) and the gang come to visit me, you warn them not to come invisible! I know, I know, their celebrity will be an obstacle, but they'll just have to wear costumes instead. Geesh.

Speaking of iconic movies, I saw something--I mean someone--else you might be interested in...

Wait, did you just say you don't know who this is? Seriously?

Why, it's Grandmother Willow, of course!
Look a little closer...

[told you!]

The poor old thing. Once, she was surrounded by Pocahontas and her tribe. She was respected. People came to her for advice. 

Colorful leaves blew around her. Native Americans sang songs to her in English.

Now, what is she left with? Nothing. Her tree and Native American friends have left and she is surrounded by farmland. 
I said "hi" to her so she wouldn't feel so bad, but it was pretty depressing. 

Maybe Harry, Ron, and Hermione will bring GW some soup when they come and visit me.  

Harry! I told you not to bring the invisibility cloak!

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  1. Hahaha, this post should be called "reference machine" because you made so many of them! :)

    We need to watch Pocahontas together some time, because I don't have the same nostalgic for it as you do.

    And yes, I appreciate your photo-editing skills. :)