Saturday, August 8, 2009

Good Morning, World!

Hello, all. Welcome to my little bitty newborn blog!

I've wanted to write one of these for a long time, but I worried that my life is too dull for one. Then all these people that I know started making them and it looked so freaking fun that I had to give it a try. My boyfriend Brian assures me that there are so many horrendous blogs out there in Blogville, Blogland that if mine does indeed suck it shouldn't be a big deal. In conclusion, here is me!

So why did I want a blog-dog in the first place? I'm not sure. Perhaps I'm just an attention whore. Maybe I just like to talk/write. Possibly it was written in the books of Fate by God eons ago so I have no other choice. Whatever the reason, here it is, clogging up the blogging space and stealing the domain name "crispinator" from the millions of other girls who are clamoring to have it for their own.

Anyway, (did you know "anyways" isn't a real word? My high school English teacher Mr. Hoffman told me that and I think about it every time I write "anyway.") feedback would be grand. Let me know if I am boring, shrugable, or awesome, et cetera. (Sorry, I think it's fun to not abbreviate "etc." You should try it sometime.)

Also, I think the word "blog" is oodles of fun so I've been using it a lot in this post; just a fun fact for ya. (blog blogington blogster bloggity blog jog)

Thankx 4 readin' xoxoxo




  1. Hot Bliggity Blog!!! You have your very own blogsite! I LIKE IT! I like the way your brain works and the way your fingers type out your story! MORE PLEASE! If you write it, I will read it!


  2. how do you have the capacity to write the blog i wish i had? christie roberts. you're awesome.

    please keep it up. i love it.

    ...and you. :)


    (and i still think that "etc." should be spelled as "et cetera" and not "etcetera." it just looks so much more Latin and truly portrays the essence of its literal meaning "and the others." plus, everywhere i type it, "etcetera" gets underlined in red. so eat it.)

  3. Hehe, thanks so much to my two followers for being so encouraging!!

    And FINE, Brian, I'll change the spacing on that word, bu I still swear I saw it spelled like that in a book once.