Friday, August 21, 2009

The Striped Cliche

I was looking at the pictures I have on this computer and found one from a Chicago family trip (2008) that seemed legitimate enough to share:

Drumroll, s'il vous plait...

[still have those sandals]

A REAL life, in person, totally serious, Wet Paint Sign!! The punch line of numerous comic strips and children's shows, this was something I'd always thought was outdated fantasy--like a mailman who stops at each house to chat or a 'witch' who lived in the haunted house that no one wanted to trick or treat at!

Or maybe they are more like a chicken crossing a road. Yeah, that's it, stumbling across a true Wet Paint Sign is kind of like seeing a chicken cross a road and then hearing some dunce ask why.

You know the comics I mean:
[hehe I drew this because the first few on Google Images were too original for my purposes]

[this one however, was a golden classic when it comes to Wet Paint Sign humor]

So, yes, people, they do exist! Next time I go to Chicago I expect to find a unicorn. Or at least a hippogriff or something!

Man, I sure hope someone sat on that bench and was the butt of a few jokes.


p.s. As I started to write this, my siblings were having a contest over who could get our dog Fraser to come to them first. Kevin won.

This is what Fraser looks like, by the by:

[desktop wallpaper of my mom's computer]


  1. love it. i'm so excited that you found that bench!! i believe i first saw that joke on a Mentos commercial. (the freshmaker.) a man in a suit laid down on a bench with wet paint, realized that it was wet, popped a mento, and rolled around on the bench until his suit was pinstriped. unrealistic, but so very inspiring. he totally made lemonade out of the lemons life gave him.

    (and you're a better drawer than i am.) :)

  2. chriski i have a blog now. :)
    read read read!

  3. Hehehe, I like that story, Brian.