Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The other day I learned what rutabagas look like! They are rather hideous fellows, and I must say I have never put one in my mouth.

At the super market it said "RUDABAGGIES" 99 cents. Is that really the plural form?!

Very entertaining.


  1. next time, we're buying one and eating it. :)

  2. Eww... what do they taste like?

    (Hehe, my mom just told me she has never tried them just because they look gross! I'm not the only one!)

  3. I think they are those really gross things that taste like old rotten carrots. Or is that parsnips? Either way I won't eat rutabagas or parsnips EVER again. ICK!

    Brian wants me to tell you that he doesn't know what they taste like. (probably because I never served them EVER in our house.)


  4. We always have them at Thanksgiving and the traditional way is shredded and cooked with vinegar or something but lately people have been bringing fancy dishes like mashed rutabagas with cream cheese or something but I still am stubborn and I don't want to try them!!
    I'm sure you could find some fun recipes online though :D

  5. I'm pretty sure I am a fan of rutabagas.