Thursday, January 28, 2010

Americans in India

January 17th, 2010

Hey, we can’t help it. We can’t all be world travelers 100% of the time. So today we took a break. We didn’t learn much or go to church. We slept in, not meeting until after noon.

And for lunch we went to the Hard Rock Café. Yep, you heard me. We are just that lame. ;)
It was very good though! I had a lovely BBQ cheeseburger. I was lacking on my BBQ, cheese, and beef so it was probably all for the best anyway. Right?! Hahah.

[wooot. Morgan, Kristen, me.]

[yummers in our tummers: Laura, Rachel, Kayla, Shannon, Megan, Bryan, Sarah, Morgan, Kristen. not smiling: Andrew.]

Now, Harley decided to tell everyone that today was MY day. This is because we got to go to the National Museum for Modern Art! I didn't want everyone to be annoyed that we were at a "boring" art museum just for me, but the truth is I definitely loved it more than the others. Indian art seems to have gone back and forth between indigenous styles and Western styles. It was fun to see, and I would have stayed way longer than an hour were it up to me. I also met a random guy from Poland doing an internship who told me to try street food.

[the container for the art. no pics of the inside aloud.]

[poorly framed photo of the sculpture garden]

Then we went shopping. But apparently our guide doesn’t know how much we like to barter at the small random bazaar-type places. So he brought us to a strip mall with a bunch of fixed-price stores. Most of them were closed for Sunday, so we got to enter about three. Hahahaha.
I couldn’t complain though because I needed to get my secret India friend (kind of like Secret Santa) something! I got him tea, don’t tell him! He already figured out that I have him. How lame-o-rama is that!

After shopping we had to wait outside for the bus for awhile, and we started to feel unhealthy from breathing in all the smog.

Then we went back to le Hotel and rested and ate and rested!
And played games!! We (minus the teacher, his wife, and my secret India friend) played Bowls, then “The Random Game” which was invented by Meghan. You have to say a word (or two) that is not something you just saw in the room, or related to something anyone just said, or the same as something anyone else said during the who game. And you must say it quick. Harder than you think… if I say “apple” you can’t say any fruit, and “Adam” or “Eve” would surely get you out. Even if a half hour later you said “apple” on your turn, you are OUT. Then we played Psychiatrist. Mom, you surely would have loved this night.
Finally was shower, chatting with the roommate (Aly), and beddy bed bed.
Which is where I am now. Huh. Goodnight!


  1. ah, a good ol' american day. and i suppose i can't critique you for eating at the Hard Rock, since i also ate there once when i was in Munich. so you're off the hook for now, robs.

    and that sculpture garden looks really cool, however poorly framed. :) was there a weird light problem on your camera for that picture, or is that fuzzy part smog? my Environmental Problems-o-Meter is beeping!

    this totally was your day, though. an art museum AND games. damn. how fun. and i LOVE Psychiatrist.

  2. Psychiatrist? How come we've never played that game?

    SO glad the bbq on your burger wasn't spicy! It would have been terrible to have a 'bleeding mouth' from good ol' American food!


  3. I would be soooo bad at the random word game (remember my random sentence for things in a box? The wheels on the bus go round and round...)

    Psychiatrist sounds interesting....I would be willing to try!

    Sounds like a fun day!

  4. Yes, it was smog, not my camera! That's how it looks EVERY DAY in Delhi.

    Heheheh, yeah, mom you would need some practice to be good at that game :)

    Psychiatrist is fun, though you do need a larger amount of people. We could try it.