Monday, January 25, 2010

People of Delhi

January 13th (Wednesday)
People of Delhi

It was hard for me to think of a title for today’s blog because it can’t really be categorized as a whole. We did some random, diverse stuff. I have to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. Pretty pathetic, really.
I felt a bit sick first thing after breakfast, but after a dry heave and some Pepto it cleared right up.
We started out leaving late to go to the U.S. Embassy. Sarah had to do devotions on the bumpy bus to save time.
At the Embassy we waited outside in the cold for EVER to get through the intense security. Once we got there, a coffee shop was discovered in the first room. Yes!
The presentation by the Embassy workers was really informative. We learned about Indian farming vs. American farming, problems the government here is trying to fix, what the Embassy actually does in India (it gives aid and help in many cases, but it also studies the culture and politics to report back to Washington),how globalization is affecting India (duh!), and women’s changing (but still restricted) roles.
No pictures of the ol’ Emb.

Next was lunch. We were joined at a fancy restaurant by two female Indian employees from the Embassy. They talked about raising their children and ways the times have changed things. It was very interesting. The thing I ordered was way too spicy though.

Then we headed to Cottage Grove, the government run store that supports local Indian craftspeople. The Embassy workers had recommended it. Realizing it was far too expensive for our budgets, we swiftly got out of there.
Our guide took us to a super fun bazaar with bargaining and tiny shops instead. Very fun. Though at the end, a bunch of children bombarded us, trying to sell some really cheap necklaces. That was depressing. I did get the girl pestering me to laugh a lot, at least.

After shopping, we went back to the hotel for a bit, unpacked what we learned, and were off to dinner. It was accompanied by a super-touristy, low quality dance. There was a really young boy dancing with the adults which made all of us even more depressed about child labor. The food was kind of lame too. THIS part was too lame to take pictures of, so there! Yet our talks in the bus to and from the place (which took a long long time due to ridiculous traffic) were great. I even had an extensive theological discussion with two of my classmates (Andrew and Kayla) when we got back.
So the day was not a waste, just interesting. See what I meant?

Yup. See you! Don’t know for sure if we’ll get internet in Agra tomorrow, but we’ll be checking out the Taj for realz!!!

p.s. The Three Pictures of January 13th:

[street scene. yes it was smoggy every day.]

[two Lauras, one photo]

[man at Cottage Grove trying to sell us expensive rugs.]


  1. I never saw this post when you were in India! Actually I hadn't seen a post the whole last week you were gone :/

    Maybe that's why you have no comments?

    My favorite line-we went back to the hotel for a bit, unpacked what we learned....
    How do you do that? haha, it was a good visual :D

  2. No, I posted those three that no one commented on AFTER I got back. The wifi was lame at the last week of hotels.

    Hahahah, Harley just calls our discussions "unpacking!"