Thursday, January 14, 2010

Delhi Delights

Sorry for the delay! I have all the days typed up but for time reasons I might not be able to post them all and load pictures before my half hour of free wifi runs out. We'll see.

written on January 11th (Monday)

Today was our journey to Delhi… India’s capital city. Exciting in theory, but a rather uneventful day.
I woke up early to skype Brian, which was pretty darn fun if you ask me. J
After that, there was packing, and loading bags onto the bus.
And Bryan inexplicitly stepped into a hole in the concrete filled with dirty rainwater.
Then we drove to the airport. Then we went through security. We waited at the airport (hungry, but unfazed, as lunch was sure to be served on the plane). The plane boarded.
No lunch was served on the flight.
It wasn’t too long though. And I took a few pictures of Chennai after take-off and of Delhi before landing. Yay, right?!

[goodbye, Chennai! see you in a week or so!]

[pwetty clouds]

[and helllllooo, Delhi!]

After all of the flying and waiting and driving we made it to the hotel. This one is super fancy!
We had dinner (finally!), a smaller buffet than the last place, but still pretty good. Though the other hotel had taken to treating us with one non-spicy American dish per night and this one definitely did not. 

Then we got to go to a Bollywood movie! It was neat to see, but sadly there were no English subtitles. This made the length a little hard to handle (there was actually an intermission).
The movie was called 3 Idiots. Based on speculation and a short synopsis by the popcorn salesboy, it was about three friends (cough, cough, the idiots!) going to a tough college who broke all the rules and gave their strict professor a hard time. There was lots of fun dancing, the main song being “All is Well!” The boys even danced all soapy in the dorm showers. (Pretty hot! Jk J) Anyway, then the main guy falls in love with the strict professor/principle’s daughter. And she is a doctor, the popcorn salesboy told us, in case you were wondering. Then we find out that the main guy is going to college under a false name so the other man can get a degree with no work (and pay him, I assume).
How was it wrapped up? I cannot give you the details, as I fell asleep.
I can tell you that all three of the idiots were able to follow their true dreams (one liked photography, for example) and the forbidden love worked out and there was dancing.
Everyone in the theater was laughing really hard, so it must have been a good one, eh?
Though it was also extremely dark for all the cheesiness and dancing. There was one suicide, one attempted suicide which ended up in a coma for a while, a woman giving birth on a ping pong table, and TONS (I mean tons) of crying.
Good stuff.
Now I am off to bed so goooooood afternoon for all you in Minnesota and nearby!

p.s. A few street shots for ya.

[sorry for the low qual.]

-written 1:30 am on January 11th


  1. That movie sounds even better than Degrassi, I am jealous. I miss you!

  2. YAY! So glad to see your entry today! Can't wait to read more!

  3. I miss you too Justine! Everyone got jealous when I told them my roommate had a peacock.