Friday, January 8, 2010

In a Frenzy

Today was busy, almost too busy! We done LOTS and LOTZ.
Firstly and foremostly we went to the Lutheran Theological Seminary. A retired economics professor very close to Dr. Julius (Harley's friend who helps us a lot) spoke to us about Indian history, problems with making quickprogress in India (like the massive diversity, the caste system, over population, and overly-conservative Hindu groups), and globalization of course.

Then we wentto an old age home called Little Sisters of the Poor. They only help very poor old people for free. There were 80 elderly people at that place, but there are more around the world! The old people were adorable and so nice! Unfortunately, we didn't get to speak to them for that long. One of the sisers (it was a catholic place) served us lunch though, which was very nice.
And I took lots of pictures. Here art a feweth.

[beds and beds and more beds]

[never seen something like this before]

[they were so precious and friendly! we paid for them to have a nicer meal that day.]

[and we got to share. spicy fish, baby banana, curry or something spicy on rice, spicy green beans]

After that we went shopping at a mall. This is the type of place middle class people would shop, not a bazaar. Even though it looked like a mall in the US you could still barter at most of the stores!

Next, we traveled to an eye hospital. The guy in charge spoke to us about his work. He helps people who can pay, but also goes to poor communities and helps many for free! They do eye surgeries on things like cataracts and stuff.

[I heart eye surgeons!]

Very soon, we had to leave to get to this traditional dance. We left on time, but accidentally drove to the wrong place! So we were a little bit late. It was okay though, because the lyrics were all in Tamil and telling a story that the dancer sort of acted out/danced to expressively, so it was had to know quite what was going on. The dancer was dressed in pretty clothes and make-up, and beautiful.
I took a video, but I don't know how to put it up here.

[very expressive]

[oh, the lovely misspellings you discover when you end up at the wrong place]

After the dance, it was pretty late, especially after driving back. So we had dinner at 7:45 as all of us were starving! Today was rather go, go, go!
Lucky we get to sleep in tomorrow, eh?

p.s. "Around the Hotel," a photo of the reflective elevator that feels like the mirror on What Not to Wear

[oooh shiny]


  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures!

    Was the dancer kind of like 'dancing Brian'? He tells a story with his dancing too....I think that's what he's doing anyway.


  2. She was a bit like dancing Brian, just a bit prettier. ;)

  3. Hey I am glad I looked back at this to see if any one had any new comments and then I found new pictures that were not here before!

    I am glad you are meeting so many nice and interesting people.

    Misspelling!! Hahahaha


    that jesus is so interesting. nice message, but not very eloquently translated. :)

    your food looks really good in this one. makes me want to EAT IT. ARF!

    and, oh god, that sign. oh god, oh god.

  5. Hahhahaha just kidding, Brian! You're the prettiest of all!! :D

    Yeah, isn't that Jesus strange? Kind of brutal but a really good message too...