Monday, January 4, 2010

January 2nd-4th Revisited: Planes and More Planes

Hello!! Hello!! From across the world! (Unless you are secretly reading this in, oh, India or something!)

I wrote this great post and saved it to my laptop, but it costs money to buy wifi here and it is free to use the hotel computer. So I think I will just try to recreate instead.

We took three flights.. Minneapolis to New York (2 hours), New York to Brussels (7.5 hours), and Brussels to India (8 hours). Plus layovers, yuck!!
I sat by Rachel, and she let me have the window seat every time, as long I as let her have the aisle seat :).

[first pic of the trip for ya'll]

Now, I bet you are dying to know what the hell I did to amuse myself all that time!! Let me give you a brief synopsis of what the life of a "world traveler" is like. Hahaha.

  • look at pictures of Rachel's family
  • read A Lion Among Men for hours
  • play virtual hangman with Rachel and DOMINATE (as a team, of course)
  • sleep
  • get spilled on by the flight attendant 
  • stretch my right arm
  • watch a Bollywood movie, watch another movie
  • listen to the song Brian made me
  • try and figure out what time it is everywhere and the world
  • watch odd people in the airport
  • sleep on the carpet, next a piece of hardened gum
  • buy a small bottled water for $6
  • wish I could walk around
  • take every moving sidewalk
  • play speed Scabble (similar to Bananagrams) 
  • stare
There you have it! All the problems of the universe solved in one short list! 

And my lovely window seat afforded me a few pictures... hooray!

[goodbye, Minnesota! so long snowmen!]

[live from New York! woot!]

[this is good ol' Brussels, which is in Belgium if you were wondering]

[best picture I could get of Chennai. embarrassing, I know]

Alright! Now to write about my first day!


  1. Yeah, couldn't get one of the pictures to be big for some reason.

  2. how cool! god, i'm so excited for you! i wish i was there!

    i need to learn speed scrabble.

  3. Wow! Brussels looks JUST LIKE Minnesota! :-)

    I love watching odd people in airports...but sleeping on the carpet next to some gum doesn't sound like much fun. Eeeeuuu!

    How come you didn't stretch your left arm? And what did the flight attendant spill on you? Did he/she spill on your right arm and that's why you had to stretch it? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Can't wait to hear more!


  4. My right arm was kind of sore, so I only needed to stretch that one :).

    The flight attendant spilled water on me.

    You're welcome, hahah :)