Monday, January 4, 2010

The First Day

[standing on Indian ground at last, with Shannon]

When the plane landed, all I could think about was standing up, showering, and sleeping in a bed. I got more excited once we actually got off. All of our bags made it, except one of supplies we were going to bring to the orphanage (but the 3 others we brought were there).

It was after 5 am when we got to the hotel, due to plane delays and bag troubles and such. I am rooming with Sara in 227 (stop by!). We took a shower and went to bed, but, unused to the time zone here, we stayed up until the sun rose talking. Oops.
It was hard to get out of bed when the alarm went off!

We went shopping in Chennai and walked around a little. Here are some random street-shots I got for you:

[ads and apartments]

[the weird yellow guy is a rickshaw, they are like mini taxis, and all over!]

[what can I say? it was sunny and warm.]

[the colorful and crazy marketplace]

Also, we ate dinner with Harley's (the professor) friend, Dr. Julius, and his family. They were nice, but I was so tired by that time!!

The food has been very spicy, I am getting most of my diet from bland things, but continuing to try odd-looking food.

India has such a mix of really poor and well-off people, it's strange. Even the buildings have this variety!

But, I am tired now and I have given you a lot to read. Good night!!


  1. you should grab a guy and take one of those rickshaws. i remember seeing those on the travel channel. looks fun.

    tell me more about the food! take pictures!

    it looks so busy and crowded there! is it uncomfortable, or do you like it? is it noisy?

    oh, and i am SO EFFING ENVIOUS that you have warm weather.

    love you

  2. YAY! I'm glad you got there safe and sound! You're about 12 hours ahead of us so you're probably asleep right now. (Unless you stayed up all night talking again.) heehee!

    I agree with of food please! :-)

    How warm is it? In the 70's or hotter?

    Can't wait to hear more!


  3. Hi Christie, I was so happy to see your posts!! I had been wondering how it has been going for you and then I missed the first post yikes!

    Dad and I enjoyed your first pictures of India :D

    Dad liked your story and list about being a 'world traveler' hee hee! You really are more of a world traveler than me but dad still has you beat i guess.

    I want to know all the answers to Tess' questions too.

    Dad said its only been in the 60's there-hope it warms up!

    I am glad you are having a good time so far!!! I also can't wait to hear more :o)

    Love you Christie!!!

  4. So fun to be able to read what you are doing, ALMOST as you do it! Much better than snail mail. I'm off to FL tomorrow, so I'll be ditching the snow and cold too, but your trip is much more adventurous!

  5. It is in the 70's and 80's, very hot! But nice and perfect in the shade!

    I hope I can take a rickshaw sometime, they look way to fun :D

    The crowdedness is okay but gets overwhelming at times.

    Glad you guys liked it!