Thursday, January 7, 2010

Suits, Scams, and Socializing

Do you like my alliteration title theme? Knew it.
Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures. I'm giving you ALL that I took today. We did a lot, but I hardly found good times for any foto fun. Too bad, eh? At least it lets me keep up the alliteration!

So today, after the regular breakfast of everything bland I can find in this spicy country, we heard a lecture about Caste in India and were ready to start the day.

Everyone was semi-dressed-up because we were going to meet Fancy Proffessional Business-people! (FPBs, if you will.)
Harley (professor, in case you forgot AGAIN, you jerk!) had to skip out to retrieve a lost bag from the airport, so he entrusted the clock-gift for the Chamber of Commerce to Megan.

Madras Chamber of Commerce, there we went! They treated us like sophisticated professionals, SO different from how people are age are treated by businesspeople in the states! (Marina, I know you'd agree.)
There were three. We got snacks and power point presentations. Learned lots about globalization. They were friendly guys, so it was fun. Though I had to go to the bathroom the whole time, so I was a bit biased in hoping it would end quickly.

Next was lunch. My meager photos.

[pretty sauces that turned out to be forbidden (contained the water) except the dark brown]

[me and Megan and two fancy dhals--crunchy thin crepes, pretty much]

Okay, I have 5 minutes until the computers close so now I must HURRY!

We split up and went to different businesses.
My group went to a construction company. The HR guy who talked to us was trying to do nothing but make his company look good. He was nice though.

Then our taxi driver took us to a fancy shop instead of back to the hotel. Something the guidebooks warned me about, he probably got commision. Having no where to be, we shopped anyway. Yay for the driver, I guess. (This is the scam part of the title.)

On return to the hotel, we had some down time. Then we met with Dr. Julius and his family and talked about FAMILIES. Yay!
We had dinner with them too.
And I got to hang out with some of the girls and get to know them WAY better! It was a lot of fun.

Howver, I must be off in one minute.
Last two pics:

[scrub a dub dirty clothes]

[more motorcycles than cars around these parts]

Goodbye, all!!


  1. haha! Christie I know what you are talking about with the business people and I do agree.
    Do you have to wash all your clothes in those sinks? That would be horrible.
    And those cone things look kind of good actually.

    But you are quite lucky your in India, it snowed again today and the roads are quite crappy.

  2. okay, i read this when i was really hungry and when i saw those bowls of deliciousness and read that you couldn't eat them, i'm pretty sure i would have just said, "what the hell. i'm going to for it." if i was in your situation. it looks so good! (i'm glad you didn't eat it, though. that would have been gross for you later.)

    what a cool experience you're having. were the presentation interesting? i mean, globalization is, but i when i hear "fancy business people" and "powerpoints," i think YUCK.

    miss you.

  3. I also thought the cone things looked quite tasty but I thought the sauces looked a little, well, gross! I hope you are finding plenty to eat and maybe trying some new tasty things!

    Glad to see you are using your little scrub brush!

    I know you guys think in the states here that business men treat you poorly but perhaps if you were meeting them in the school, learning environment it would be different-just throwing that out there!

    Big excitement here, Kevin collapsed last night (but he was never unconcsious) and was really out of it for about an hour. I am pretty sure he was dehydrated and/or had low blood sugar. He was talking really strange and he was too dizzy to get up. It was really scary. Dad and I thought he had taken some kind of drug or was drunk but he said no and I wanted to believe him!

    I found out today that a person with low blood sugar acts like that so we will get him checked out asap! Want to make sure its nothing serious like diabetes or anything!!!

    Talk to you soon Christie!!

    PS: How does the computer time work?

  4. Marina:
    No, I could do laundry at the hotel, but I only had needed to do a few underwear and t-shirts, so I went the free route because I had laudry tablets.
    The cone things were pretty good.You broke them apart and dipped them in stuff.
    That sucks about the snow! It's 70s and 80s here, hahahahah!

    I miss you too, love! :)
    And the info was interesting in the first meeeting, but a little long. Having something to take notes helped me pay attention mostly. The second one was a dialog, but some of the things a construction company talks about are a little boring. So meh, not too bad!!

    That's so scary about Kevin!!
    Don't know what you mean by "computer time."
    If you subtract a half hour and switch the am/pm you will have the time in India.